Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Goodies (part I)

On Friday, we received a wonderful surprise.  It accidentally was delievered to my neighbor's house but she was kind enough to let us know.  Me, I probably would have kept it.  Just kidding. 

What could possibly be in this box that was delivered to us?  

Was Alyona our special delivery?  Well, not this go around.

It was a delicious goodie basket from my brother & his wife!!!  Had all sorts of ice cream toppings & cones, cookies, candy bars, gummy worms and all sorts of stuff.  That basket was filled.  

Another view of the goodies.  I had to get a picture quickly as this stuff wasn't going to last long.  We all got to share, enjoy an unexpected surprise and just was very sweet of Uncle Chris & Aunt Mindy to think of us during this holiday.  We really did love getting the gift basket.  

More goodie posts to come of course.  Got to go.  Lots to do and figure out for this coming week.  Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. 

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