Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chaos Manor

Yes, that is the nick name for our house.  As someone once told me though, you should embrace the chaos and not let it consume you.  So very true.  I didn't write yesterday b/c we have just been going and going and going lately.  Trying to make plans for what is coming up and promise to tell in a few days.  For now, getting lots of organizing done.  It's spring break here so there are typically around 13 kids here everyday.  I am responsible for 11 of them.  7 are mine.  I will tell what we all did yesterday in a bit.  For now, this is how I feel:

Yep, feeling crazy lately.  LOL.  This btw, is Nik's latest thing.  I try to take a picture and he makes a crazy face right before I shoot it.   What a goof ball.  Anyhow, lots going on here to say the least.  I will have many more updates to come today.  Playing catch up in other areas around the house today. It's spring break.  We had fun yesterday and I'll have a post about that too.  We went to the park.  We went strawberry picking the other day as well.  Lots of little things we've done.  End of year is coming, summer is already starting here, and a trip is forthcoming.  I have to make airline reservations but am waiting as it is NOT OFFICIAL yet.  I have travel dates but we still have to wait for one piece of paper regarding our "situation" till we get the all clear.  So frustrating and this will indeed all make sense once I'm allowed to explain it all.  Just know it has nothing to do w/ our adoption agency or the Bulgarian  agency.  It is a personal thing but must be cleared before we travel.  Still awaiting the all clear.  This situation was supposed to be resolved on March 24th.  As you can see, we are well past that date.  So, I'm hesitant to make arrangements.  I just am not patient.  I'm learning though.  enough of that.  Much, much more to come and of course, some pictures of my kiddos.  Oh, before I forget, last night at the restaurant I asked Nik what he wanted for dinner.  He said hamburger.  didn't sign it, but said it to us.  I understood what he was saying.  As did most of the family.  It was just exciting.  It's the little things that matter at times.  Goodness, I have SO much to say but must first get some things done around here and calls made.  Busy day but a good busy.  Stay tuned.  LOL. 

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