Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blast from the past!

Well, a new month a new blast from the past picture parade.  Just really a hodge podge of pictures from this time last year to see what we were up to.  Hope you enjoy.  Always fun seeing what we've done in previous years.

Irina was in Middle School here & went to the Special Olympics.  She medaled in this running long jump.  I believe she got 2nd place!

This was Nik cheering his sister on in Special Olympics.  Still in a stroller.  It was April of 2007!  Wow, how they've grown.  

Irina came in 1st place in running 100 meters!  She was very happy.  

This was Alyona's Special Olympics in 2009.  Do you think Daddy was proud?  She was so happy that day.  It was her day.  

Bear was still around last year at this time.  We still really, really miss that dog.  Our beloved Bear.  Treasured for years, missed forever.

We do a family Easter Egg Hunt every year.  Look how little they all were in 2007!  Seems like ages ago. 

This was a couple months after we brought Alyona home.  Look how tiny for 7.5 years old!  Those were size 3T's still.  She has just thrived here.

Okay, this is gross but hey, part of what happens from time to time.  Spring is outdoor time.  Irina was on the trampoline & fell off.  She kept about the entire day until bed time.  She told me she had a nail stuck in her knee. I was assuming fingernail, thumbtack, etc. but NO.  It was a finishing nail!  The top is in the middle of her knee. The end is to the right of the picture.  That lump.  See, Irina has sensory integration issues.  She does not feel pain the way you & I do.  Doesn't freak her doctors out any more.  Still does us to some extent.  That's why she went the whole day & didn't feel it.  It caught on her sheet was the only reason she noticed.  Missed everything inside which was wonderful.  Healed up just fine.  Doc said " you always bring us the most interesting cases."

2009 we went on an Easter trip to my parents' house.  We made it a vacation and visited DC as well.  Yes, we always wear the same color shirts when going to big places.  Kids don't mind either.  I let them tie dye them now so they think they're cool.  Easy to find in crowds for sure.  And since most our kids can't remember what hotel they stay in let alone, mom & dad's full name, it helps.  Younger kids we make where name tags on their backs w/ emergency contact info w/ our cell #.  

Hope you enjoyed our little blast from the past from this time of year.  We have things planned for this month as well.  Can't wait!  For now, need to go help w/ dinner.  Late dinner.  Time change is not working for us.  LOL.

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  1. Oh my your kids have grown!!!

    And the nail! Eeeeek!