Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alyona's new retreat

I know I still have not gotten the post up about the group that came to help us.  I do promise that one today.  Thank you is just not enough.  Turner Memorial Baptist Church was amazing and I do plan on writing about that very soon.  Yes, today soon.  We have had a bunch going on the past few days so trying to find the time to write is hard.  That and the power was out some yesterday due to all the storms and tornadoes around here.  We were very fortunate to say the least.  Especially, since we need a new roof.  Anyhow, I had to just show you some of what Alyona has been enjoying.  The "littles" are in heaven as well.  It is such a girlie room.  I can not wait to have 'R' & Summer see it!  Thought I'd share with you a bit of her room.  Keep in mind, you'll see some ladders & such as I took the pics when we still had stuff in the room & on the floor.  Here goes:

You walk in the room and this is what you see.  Long hallway.  Their towel hooks are on the left wall.  Lollipop rug on the floor ahead w/ a small dresser.  Behind the ladder there is a set of bunkbeds.  Hard to tell in the picture but the room is definitely all pink.

Cupcake hooks of course.  There's 3 there for the 3 girls that will be sharing the room.  All my kids have towels w/ their names on them.  Trust me, best investment you'll ever make!  Saves on all the "it's not mine" issues we have if they were on the floor.  Since getting those towels years ago, no issues.  Girls have pink ones, boys have blue ones.  I keep it simple here.  

In that corner, there are bunkbeds.  What girlie room would be complete w/out cupcake bedding?  Love it!  This was one of the generous gifts from the group that came to help us out.  Just beautiful isn't it?  

When you walk in the room, past the cupcake hook wall, when you turn left, this little nook is there.  More dressers and a little desk area.  Desk was from a yardsale of course as was that flower lamp.  Still working on this area.  You can barely see it on the right but that is the closet.  

You can see the closet on the left.  Window is still taped w/ painter's tape & none of the walls stuff is up yet.  This is their little play are which they love.  Alyona's bed is there.   Nik is hiding something. Not sure what.  Toys are on the left.  There is also a cabinet behind the closet that has toys in it too.  The shopping cart by the bed was the best investment.  Sturdy & kids play w/ it everyday.  We're hanging up the curtains today.  can't wait.  

Closer shot of Alyona's bed.  Fit for a princess for sure.  She had first choice of the comforter she wanted.  You should have seen her face light up.  Wished I'd had a shot of that.  

A view from her bed.  You can now see the little cabinet for toys there.  Again, another yardsale find.  $10.  She loves it & so do I b/c it hides the toys.  And, fits perfectly there.  Where the bunkbeds are, the ceiling goes way up.  It's an odd shaped room but I think we made it work just fine.  Alyona loves to spend all day up there playing w/ her baby dolls.  

So, what do you think of our girlie girl room?  Think the new two girls will like it as much as Alyona?  Hope you enjoyed the tour of the girls' room.  Maybe over the next few days I'll do IRina and Yana's room.  boys are currently in their room working on it.  Got to go.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Much more to come.  Next post is most definitely the one about the church group that came to help make this dream for our girls come true! 


  1. Awesome!! And definitely pink and girlie!
    I LOVE an odd-shaped room! And you are really making the most of this one!

    And you are right about the monogrammed thing ever in large families! Huge saver of time/laundry/fights/etc.