Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adoption Update & bits & pieces

Oh my.  I'll start w/ something simple.  I don't have any more paperwork.  Haven't for awhile now.  I do expect to have many docs that need to be redone before court just due to the delays b/c of our "situation."  URGHH!!!  Still trying to remain calm.  working on it but so ready for things to go full speed ahead.  Very ready.  Rooms are ready and all moved around.  Little things are being purchased for the trip.  Dare I say I even got brave & bought those TSA appropriate sized shampoo bottles the other day.  Started making a list of what I'll need.  Yes, I've done this too many times before to count but it is honestly just as exciting every single time.  Making sure none of my kids 3 month supply meds run out while I'm gone.  Little things. 

As you all know, we had travel dates of April 13th.  That week was hard to get through knowing I could have been over there.  However, this is all about timing.  I have learned during this last set of adoptions to be patient.  Still learning.  We then had dates to leave June 25th and arrive home July 4th or 5th.  For some reason, my gut was telling me those wouldn't stick.  Like I said, done this before.  So, I was not even looking for airfare then.  Well, low & behold, received new dates this week.   We are to fly out June 11th and arrive in Bulgaria on June 12th.  Come home the 21st.  To say I'm beaming is an understatement.  MANY things must happen first for this all to fall into place.  Main thing is our "situation" must be concluded & cleared up.  Please pray for truthful resolution of this and SOON!  Seems each week we are told a little longer.  I am going to go ahead w/ booking tickets just b/c I really feel this is the date, this is the time we're supposed to go.  It's not far away.   As fast as April went, this is not far at all.  School here ends June 9th.  Some reunions happening at the end of June. 

Okay, the plan currently is for me to go w/ someone.  Right now I'm asking if anyone would be interested in going to Bulgaria w/ me for 11 days.  You would be gone a total of 11 days.  All expenses paid.  We feel at this point in time and to truly continue the progress we've made w/ Alex's PTSD healing and the issues that have arisen since our "situation" took place, the best scenario would be Warren staying home w/ the kids.  So, if you are thinking about it, please let me know.  I know two folks were interested when we were originally due to go in April.  Hoping there is at least one interested for June.  If you have never been to an orphanage before, this is an experience of a life time and a changing one at that.  I promise you, you will never ever be the same.  Never.  We will be going to two separate regions in Bulgaria as our children are in separate regions.  It is very easy to keep in touch w/ people back home.  The time will fly by.  I'm serious about someone going with me.  Just let me know if you may be interested. 

Much more coming up.  Please just keep praying that our situation will clear up so that we may leave on these dates.  Just had to share our dates again.  Doesn't mean we are 100% sure as nothing ever is.  Our one obstacle indeed is our current "situation" that must be resolved first.  Getting there slowly.  Very slowly.  So prayers really needed for a truthful resolution to come about and that we may travel in June.  Thanks and just had to share as we can barely stand it.  Hard enough not being able to tell details and such but as most of you are aware, that is the way it goes in the adoption world.  Have a great evening.


  1. Oh how I wish I could go!! :o) Praying!

  2. I am a conplete stranger to you but I follow your blog on a regular basis! I am fasinated with the idea of adoption but can't get my husband on board! He wants time for us now that the kids are grown and gone. I would love to talk to you about going with you. I ran a home daycare for 15 years and love children... I have 3 of my own and 4 grandbabies! I would have to arrange time off from work... that would be the only hurdle... your first set of dates would have been perfect! I have a passport and am in excellent health. Let me know what you think...