Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting child Wednesday

I know I haven't done a lot of advocating lately as we've had much to contend w/ on the homefront.  I know, still can't disclose anything but hoping next week things will becoming to a close and so will this whole situation.  It has literally taken up all our time and effort.  Thought I'd get back to some other things I used to love to do on here such as advocating for some kiddos from time to time.  So, here goes!


There is a 7yo little sweetheart waiting for her forever family.  She had a family but due to unforeseen circumstances at home, they had to release her.  "Jada" is a beautiful little girl who is legally blind.  She is located in Eastern Europe.  Her country does indeed accept singles!  It would be wonderful if the family interested had a homestudy, preferably a Hague one.  Whoever plans to adopt this precious little one must be willing to fly through paperwork.  Since she had been on hold for a year, they want a family to be able to move through the adoption process quickly so she can get home soon.  Her international fees have been reduced.  I have heard this little girl is very sweet.  Please help me spread the word so that she can be home soon to a loving family.  Thanks so much for all your help.  Feel free to repost. 

That is currently the only little one I want to focus on as it is urgent she get home soon.  7 is an awesome age to adopt.  We adopted Alyona at 7yo.  We adopted Irina at 6.5.  We adopted Bojan at 6.  So, I can vouch for it being a great age to bring home a little girl!  More to come tomorrow. 

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