Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trouble makers

No, I'm not talking about the kids.  Well, not this time.  LOL.  Though, the milk jug boxing was a bit much yesterday.  No, I'm talking about our troublemaking pups.  Yep, Alaska and Kota.  Have they done anything lately?  Let's see....

This is what they did to the couch while we were out one day.  Not sure who did it but my guess is Alaska.  Stuffing out of the cushion.  With 11 kids here daily & 2 dogs, you can see why we picked an olive colored couch.  I said once my kids are all grown, my entire house is going to be white w/ crystal all over.  YOu know, all the things you can't do while you have kids.  

Now, this picture may not look too guilty at first, but let me give you another view and then you make a decision.

Alaska is laying on my linen blinds.  My white blinds.  She and Kota had just finished playing in the mud pit of a yard.  They are covered in wet mud.  Don't know why no one picked up those blinds to begin with but doesn't surprise me one bit.  Not a bit.  

Not a great picture but gives you an idea of what they do.  If you look at the middle window, you can see the blinds are different.  They chew them out to look out the window.  This is Irina's room.  She has the front bedroom of the house and the dogs absolutely love it.  they can see everything.  Here, they were watching the kids get off to school.  

So even though they 've been chewing and destroying, we still love them like crazy.  They have been awesome and I'll have a separate post on that as well.  Though they're trouble at times, we do love them like crazy.  Everyone does.  More on the good dogs a bit later.   Our biggest troublemaker right now is indeed Alaska.  She is digging holes all over the yard and then my kids & the "littles" are making them bigger.  URGHH!!!  We're going to try to fix that this weekend but we have to haul dirt in.  Not sure of the cost of that but since Warren fell twice & a few of the rest of us too, we need them filled in.  On the ever growing to do list.  I don't think that list will ever be checked off.  Got to go.  Have a wonderful week. 

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