Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The To Do List Before Trip I

This adoption notice is so much different than our ones for Russia.  During one of our adoptions from Russia, we got 3 days notice. Yep, three days.  Thank goodness we got notice today, March 18th of a travel date of April 13th.  That is almost a month out.  Despite a month out, there is much to do.  Let's just go over a few things.

-- book airline tickets

--find someone to go with me (any volunteers, PLEASE contact me!  Not kidding.  We will pay for the ticket & costs).

-- reschedule medical appointments

-- schedule spring break items

--make Easter Baskets before I go

-- get Easter clothing for kids for church

-- go shopping for groceries

-- make sure all IEP's are done

-- get garden in order

-- call repairman for back door (still leaks)

-- FUNDRAISE & FAST!!!  More on that later.  We're short.

-- get phone.  I have no cell phone.  Haven't for years but can't take Warren's as it's his for work.

-- make arrangements w/ the "Littles' families"

-- complete paperwork

-- fill out more grant apps

-- buy gifts

-- learn basic Bulgarian

-- make Links of Love & notes for my kids left behind

-- make book for Nik to explain the process

-- make 3 photo books for the kids in Bulgaria

-- tell everyone I know (wait, I can check that one off!)

-- make sure my kids' meds are stocked & ordered

-- send in request to homeschool

-- get in touch w/ docs regarding future Boyd kids' medical issues.  Neurologist will have to be done immediately due to needs.  that takes priority over anything else when we get home

-- find video camera to take

-- and countless other things

Well, this was the post I started awhile back.  Never finished making the list but thought I'd post anyhow as it gives other folks an idea of what adoptive parents must get in order before they leave.  And this is nowhere near the entire list.  Like I said, I stopped once I knew we were not traveling then.  Still don't know when we are going.  Told our "situation" will be finished this week.  Phew!  Please pray all goes the way it is supposed to and truth will prevail.  More to come for sure.  Just thought this would be interesting to post.  I have many more half finished posts & I am determined to finish them.  LOL.  So, you may see Christmas posts here soon...who knows how many are left.  Just thought it may be interesting. 


  1. Sounds like a TON to do! Im sure it will all come together! I have been quietly following your blog for a while now! I love hearing about your kiddos!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Your travel dates!! (((HUG)))

  3. I'll go. you've never met me, but in the beginning stages of completing our paperwork to adopt from Bulgaria as well (which is why I'm reading blogs;)

    How awkward would that be???
    406-750-0921...and I'll pay my own way

  4. oops! guess not. Husband just reminded me that we have three kids and he works. oh but I want to!!!!