Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tidbits about me

Well, this is a public blog & some of you don't really have any clue as to who I am.  Other than an adoptive mom.   So, thought I'd share a bit more.  Just stupid little facts about me.  Mostly boring stuff.  But, it may show you I'm not too much different than anyone else.  So, here goes nothing.

1.  My favorite color is green.  Warren will tell you I try to paint every room green and it never ever turns out to be the right green.  Never.  You have no idea how many cans of green paint we've been through.

2.  I HATE feet.  Can't stand them.  Not my own, not my kids' feet, not anyone's feet.  Nope, not even baby's feet.  Even the "littles" know I only paint fingernails, not toenails.  No kidding.  My kids try to torment me by putting their feet on me & laughing.  Don't know where this disdain of feet came from but doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

3.  I long to be a vegetarian but just can't give up Warren's burgers.  I love a hamburger.  I do.  I was almost vegetarian in college.  Almost.  It was those dog gone burgers that did me in.  Just can't seem to get those out of the diet.  Given up on that dream for sure.  Been eating a lot healthier but definitely no vegetarian diet here.

4.  Absolutely love flowers.  Flowers just make you smile.  Doesn't matter what time of year or even what kind you get.  They just seem to make you smile.  Love it.  I love having a yard surrounded in flowers in spring and summer.  Each year, I add a bit more.  Though I love flowers, don't care for roses one bit.  Though I think that has something to do with making countless rose arrangements during Valentine's Day & Mother's Day when I worked at a florist shop.  My favorite flower is a Gerber daisy though those don't last a whole long time.

5.  Another favorite which is no secret on here is chocolate.  Oh my goodness.  It is my guilty pleasure so to speak.  Not a big fan of dark chocolate but give me a milk chocolate candy bar & you've made a friend.  Kids know I'm a chocolate nut.  They offer up their candy from parties every time.  Very sweet of them.  "mom, I saved you one!"  Though, most my kids like those sour sweet stuff.  Yuck.  I am one of those people who could most likely live off chocolate.  Visiting the Hershey Factory in PA was SO much fun for me.  I'd love to take all the kids there one day.  We went when we just had the 4.  We were there for a wedding at the time. 

6.  I have always dreamed of having a baby in the house.  Each& every adoption we've started out doing, I always, always wanted a baby.  Youngest we've ever adopted was 3yo.  Almost 4yo.  No baby in sight.  By now, I've accepted the fact I must wait for grandkids.  Still, if a miracle baby arrived, I'd embrace it.  Since that is not happening,must wait for grandkids.  Surely, they're going to be spoiled. 

7.  I have never played the game Clue.  Always wanted to, always wanted to learn but never have played.  May have to do that soon.  Maybe my kids can teach me.

8.  I always, always wanted to learn how to play the piano.  I played the flute & piccolo while growing up & even into college.  However, I always longed to learn how to play the piano.  Just never had the chance to.  Maybe that can be on my bucket list.

9.  I hate vomit.  Now, I know that every one pretty much hates this but I take it to a whole new level.  Though w/ kids, I have indeed gotten more accustomed to being able to be in the same room now w/ a kid & not feel like I will throw up as well.  Yes, that is a tidbit I'm sure you could have lived without.

10. I could live at the beach.  I LOVE everything about the beach.  Everything.  The sounds, the taste, the sand on my skin, everything.  I could seriously give up everything to live at the beach.  All my possessions just to wake up to the beauty of the beach.  Now, ironically, I married a man who HATES the beach.  I was a beach bum growing up.  Even in college I'd escape to the beach whenever I could.  When you are at the beach, just seems a huge sense of calm & relaxation comes over you.  For me, the hour & 20 minutes away that we live from the beach seems like forever.  I used to be 15 minutes from Atlantic Beach.  So, hard for me to see my current home as close to the beach. 

11.  I don't know how to french braid and really do feel guilty about it.  I badly want to learn.  My kids tried to teach me but quickly I learned they had no clue either.  LOL.  Got a good laugh out of it though.

12. I have severe night blindness and can no longer drive at night. Not even at dusk.  Thought I could make it the one day last year when I was to take Irina to a friend's house.  In the neighborhood, I could not see the people walking.  It was too close for me.  Optometrist said the only thing I can do is stop driving at night or dusk.  Haven't driven at night or dusk since that day.  No, I didn't hit anyone or anything like that.  Just scared me too much to ever do it again.  Day driving only here for me.

13. I'm terrified of the dentist.  I take my kids regularly but I haven't gone.  This is not a normal fear either.  This is pure terror from bad experiences in the past.  Next time I go, it has to be sedation dentistry.  Only other person who has this problem is Nik.  We're the dentist chickens of the house.

14. I can type super fast.  Not trying to brag, that's not it.  Just used to be a secretary & if you type all day long, you kind of get fast at it.  That's why I think nothing of a long post.

15. I love antique furniture but am afraid to have any in this house.  You can pretty much guess as to why.  Maybe one day.  I just think it has a lot of character.  Used to go to antique shops in college.  Can you imagine going to an antique shop w/ this bunch now?  Me neither. 

16. I grew up a military brat.  Always hated that term and still do.  I think every kid hated the word military brat growing up.  I lived along the east coast mostly but spent my high school years in Stuttgart, Germany.  Learned so much there and experienced even more.  It is a beautiful country and dream of going back to visit one day.

17. I nearly drowned in a rafting accident.  It was years ago and in high school.  This was much better than being medivac off the mountain in Switzerland & taken to a French hospital where no one spoke English or German(only two languages I could speak).  It was a skiing accident.  Looking for a crepes stand.  Don't ask.  LOL. 

18. Rode in a Russian ambulance in one of my adoption trips.  If any of you ever complain about western medicine...don't!  It is the BEST thing ever.  Trust me.  Once you experience a ride on a gurney w/ other people's blood, vomit, & body fluids clearly visible, you never ever complain about waiting in an American ER ever again!  Never. 

19. I'm a bargin hunter by nature.  My kids and I do go to yardsales and I'm not afraid to admit that.  Girls and I have a lot of fun together finding bargins and having a good time.  Though, we never agree on the music.  Yardsales are about to start back up big time.  can't wait.

20. I don't think 7 or even 10 kids is considered a big family.  Everyone tells me it is but when we're all sitting in the living room or dining room it just feels very comfortable.  Not a huge amount of people.  Just our family. 

There are many more tidbits I'm sure you don't know about me.  Thought it was time to share a bit about me  since I share a bunch about the kiddos.  Hope you don't mind.  I know it's pretty boring stuff but hey, I'm not that exciting to talk about.  Just my kiddos.  LOL.  I'll have to share what Bojan did yesterday.  It was a long Saturday today. 

I hate daylight savings time in the spring.  I need that extra hour.  Not to have it taken away.  All my FAS kids always seem to react a bit differently with the time changes.  We go through it every year.  Take about two weeks to get them settled back down.  Odd, but it's noticeable.  I used to think the full moon thing was bologna but it's not.  My FASers are much more out of sorts when there is a full moon.  Crazy.  Thank goodness those don't happen often.  My kids are supposed to be in bed now.  It's 9:45.  I can tell waking them up for church tomorrow will be quite the challenge.  I'm up for it.  Okay, going to try to get some of these kiddos in bed. 


  1. I enjoyed reading all of these tidbits!

  2. Oh wow, several of these are on my "list" too. I too have a severe dislike for FEET! My husband and children also torture me by trying to put their feet on I can't stand it...not at all. Ugh! No idea why I'm like that, but I am!

  3. Hi Stephanie!... Great post!... I really liked your tidbits!... It´s nice to know a little bit of you!... Thanks!!!... Huge hug!!!...