Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Gosh, I've been so busy I need to take the time again & find the thoughtful things that occur throughout the week in our home.  With multiple children w/ severe mental, behavioral and emotional issues, sometimes it is difficult to think of all the good.  Having a thoughtful Thursday allows us to think of the very thoughtful things my kids have done throughout the week.  We must get back into our proud moments that we do every Monday at dinner.  We've slacked off lately w/ all the chaos.  Slowly we are adjusting back to normal.  This Monday, we'll have to get back to that.  Kids & us miss it. 

Anyhow, this has been a wonderful week of thoughtful things done by my kids.  thought I'd point a few out.

Irina-- Irina has been great at keeping everything clean.  I know she has OCD but she really has been going out of her way to help things stay put and stay clean.  Just thought it was nice of her to do that when she didn't have to. 

Max-- Max has been very thoughtful at helping his brother Bojan since he's been in the wheelchair.  Picking him up, etc.  Just nice & wasn't even asked to do it.

Yana-- Yana has been helping the younger kids w/ homework.  Now, this is huge.  Yana is usually more into anything all about her.   Can we say teenager?  You know, where they think the world revolves around them.  So, I thought it was incredibly thoughtful for her to be helping her younger sibs w/ homework. 

Bojan--  Bojan knew I was nervous about an upcoming event & situation.  My kids were nervous and I was counting on Bojan to help keep them straight.  Bojan realizes most of his siblings are delayed in some capacity and not really capable of certain things such as conversations that are understood.  He looked at me & said "don't worry mom, I'll keep things all straight and true."  I was so relieved.  Just was thoughtful that he was concerned about me. 

Alyona-- Alyona threw a fit one morning arguing w/ me before school.  About a jacket.  Well, she came home that day & apologized to me for what she'd done that morning!  This is huge for her.  Her severe FAS puts her usually forgetting just about anything that happened during the day.  I was very proud that she remembered & that she was thoughtful enough to say she was sorry to me.  On her own!

Alex-- Alex saw Alyona struggling w/ her hair one morning.  Her radial articulation makes it hard to work her hands at times.  He offered to help her put the barrettes in.  He did. She came down & both asked how she looked.  It was definitely not how the girls of this house would have done it but both of them standing there, I said it looked beautiful & Alex had done a good job. 

Nik-- Nik keeps coming up & kissing my hand and giving me great big hugs.  He's always been a cuddle bug but just has been thoughtful to have that during this difficult time.

My kids are really thoughtful.  I think this is especially important to recognize if you have kids with issues.  Allows us as parents to stop & think about how incredibly sweet they are even if there are times when they are not so sweet.  FAS and RAD parents could fully appreciate what I'm saying about that.  Lately, my kids have really shown me a lot.  Their personalities are each unique but precious to each one.  Lots of diversity at our house and I love it that way.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  Try to find a thoughtful thing your child has done today or this week.  You might just be surprised. 

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