Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet 16

This will be hard to muster the courage to write.  Mainly, b/c I can't believe my oldest son is 16 years old today.  If he were still in his small village in Russia, he would have been dead by now.  In his orphanage, they were released at the age of 13yo onto the street.  He has lived years past that already & lived quite the full life.  Max is filled to the brim with so much potential, it is not even funny.  This kid is going to do amazing things in life.  I can already tell.  Max has an incredible mind and such a kind spirit.  He is beyond excellent w/ young kids.  The "littles" LOVE it when Max comes home & plays w/ them.  Yet, he does well w/ adults too.  He has balance in life & I think that is important.  Max has beat great odds in life.  Going from the life of an orphan to fighting the brain damage he was born with has been an incredible transformation to watch.  He has turned it all around and proven you can do anything you set your mind to.  Max has an eye for art.  He whittles wood and makes fantastic creations for folks.  Remember all "Max's makings" posts?  Those were just the tip of the iceberg of the things he's made around here. He is the household handyman that all the kids go to when something is broken.  They do not dare ask me.  LOL.  They seriously wait till Max gets home from school.  Max's artwork is incredible.  Very cool the stuff he can do.  The kid's got talent!!! Max has talent, art, & limitless potential.  I can not tell you how proud we are of our 16 year old son.  I have a teenager son that has not taken wrong turns.  He has worked hard and it shows.  I do hope that my son is proof that you can take dx's and tuck them away.  You can indeed work with what you have been given and turn your life into an incredible portrait of love and success. 

Max when he was 10 years old.  I don't have photos loaded on the computer before 2005.  Wish I did.  He has grown SO much since we brought him home in 1999.  He was just 4 years old and wore size 18 months.  Boy, even this picture he seemed so little at 10.  Never lost that cuteness factor though.

No one can deny that this is a handsome young man.  Max has really grown into a wonderful young man that would make any parent proud.  He has quite the sense of humor too.

Max had a friend over Friday night & we actually all went to Target as Max had a gift card from my parents.  He ended up getting a Transformer.  Yes, still a kid at heart yet I know many an adult who still collect Star Wars stuff or are trekkies so I best not say anything.  He also picked out a movie that Warren & I got for him.  Earlier we had some pizza and then after Target everyone got home & chilled out w/ a movie & snacks.  Saturday, we got some things done around here but promised to take Max to Walmart to look at electronics.  He ended up buying an mp-3 player.  He did not want an ipod which surprised me but than again, Max is not a "sheep."  He does not usually follow the crowd so it really didn't come as a surprise.  (Yana on the other hand will do whatever is popular at the time)  He looked at the choices and saw what would work for him.  He wanted to play movies and listen to music & this does that for a much lower price.  Remember, our kids are very limited in their electronics access till we know they can handle it.  Max can.  We told him he could buy what he wanted.  He did not want a cell phone which did actually surprise me. He said if he got caught w/ it at school, he couldn't have it at all.  Smart kid, don't you think?  His next eletronics thing he wants is an e-reader.  Max hung out the whole day.

Today, we went to church & they wished him a Happy Birthday.  After that, we were going to go to Kanki but b/c Warren's parents were going to be here at 2:30, we had to make sure we'd be able to leave by 2pm.  Too crowded & the wait was too long for us to make it home in time.  We were all incredibly bummed.  I could almost taste that food.  Gave Max a choice of either coming here next weekend or picking a different restaurant.  We are going next weekend as well as to the zoo pending no major injuries.  We made a stop & picked up something for Max. something he really wanted but I couldn't make for him.  

Max got his ice cream cake!  Peanut butter, chocolate, devils' food cake, w/ chocolate fudge.  And yes, it did taste as fantastic as it looked.

 A little closer view of this piece of Heaven Max picked out.  Yumm!!!  

All in all, Max had a decent weekend.  His grandparents were unable to come but hopefully we'll see them soon.  We are all counting down the days till next weekend when we get to go to Kanki for Max's belated birthday.  Just wanted to say we love you Max!  Happy 16th Birthday & can't wait to see many more birthdays & what it will bring you in life.  You are going to do amazing things in this world.  Thank you for being our son! 

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