Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday update

Well, figured I'd throw in a little update today since a bit is happening here.  Letting the kids stay up late last night was big mistake # 1.  It was not a pleasant morning to get ready.  Max claimed he owns NO pants.  I know, I know, totally not true.  He should have said he doesn't have any clean pants b/c he failed to put them in the laundry.  But, you and I both know a teenager will never say that.  Yana helped him find something to wear.  Surprisingly, it was Bojan and Max that had difficulties getting ready for church.  And yep, I'm totally blaming them.  Why?  Because they had the tv on upstairs instead of getting ready.  URGHH!!!  Boys.  Before all this though, I was not up to cooking breakfast this morning.  So, the kids were treated to donuts, grapes and I did make sausage.  Not the breakfast of champions but they all sure enjoyed it.  And frankly, so did I. 

Left for church.  Awesome message today about serving and it came in loud and clear.  Loved it today.  Really did.  While there, we saw & heard the story of the Hoyts.  Now, I've heard and seen it before but it was eye opening for some of my children.  This is the dad & son team that do marathons.  The father was told to put his son in an institution when he was born due to his severe CP.  Father said no.  It is amazing to watch these two race.  PLEASE WATCH! I've seen this before but you can tell many in church today had not.  It's an inspirational story & really reminds me of the many times we were told our children weren't worth any thing.  Far from the truth.  I still feel every life has a purpose though sometimes, we aren't sure what that purpose is.  Trust me, eventually you will know.  This is a video worth watching.

After church, a nice man named Tommy came over to us and handed us a gift.  Told us to take the kids out to lunch.  We were very grateful for such a wonderful treat!  As you know, taking 9 people out to lunch doesn't happen too often.  Well, I knew crowds would be a little too much & the wait at some restaurants so went to a place called Cookout.  Burgers and such and fantastic milkshakes.  Every time we pass this place the kids want to stop.  I think we've only eaten there 2 or three times in the past few years.  So, told the kids we'd stop & they thanked us.  I told them to thank the wonderful man next time they see him.  I do hope they remember.  We had burgers, fries, hushpuppies and washed it down with a milkshake.  And folks, these are real milkshakes.  The good kind.  It was a very enjoyable lunch and made for some great reflection on what little things you can do for other people.

Shortly after arriving home, we got a call.  A call from the local church in Benson who will be helping us transform Bojan & Max's old room into Alyona, Summer, & 'R's new room.  VERY exciting. They will also help us fix the back steps that are falling apart.  I can not express how grateful we are for this.  Our life sometimes gets hectic with the children and the needs they have.  If we have to talk one out of a meltdown for a few hours, than that is where the priority is.  Whether you were fixing something falling apart or not.  The kids & their needs do come first here.  It is part of their healing to know mom & dad will stop everything in order to be there for them when they need us.  Something that all our kids did not have before coming to our home. So, the repair work around here  or even just changing of rooms becomes a task almost impossible to complete alone.  To have a team of people be able to come & help us out so that we can in turn concentrate on the children when they get home is simply a blessing.  It's huge.  I hope that one day I will be able to pay it forward for them. 

Warren then took Bojan for a re-check of his leg at Urgent Care.  He really didn't need to go but following protocol.  $20 co-pay later to say what we already's fine.  We've seen enough wounds and surgeries here to know if something were out of whack.  Oh, the church loaned us the wheelchair for Bojan.  SO very thankful.  See, Friday ,we went to a medical supply place & they were not in network.  Went Saturday & others were closed.  Relieved we found a solution.  God will provide.  While Warren went to Urgent Care, I dropped off Nik at a b-day party for a friend of his.  Nik didn't want me to go home.  He's nervous since I told him I was going on a plane to Bulgaria.  He needs to know though that I'm coming back so this 2 hours is great practice.  Kids have a few friends over downstairs watching Jungle Book 2.  Would not watch it again.  We didn't like it. It's not a cartoon one.  Anyhow, I think they're all exhausted from working so hard yesterday as now they're watching Old Dogs.  No one is hungry from the big lunch we had.  So, may just eat spaghetti tonight instead of the grilled fish we were going to have.  Who knows. 

Anyhow, prepping for a HUGE week this week.  Need some prayers for a resolution to our situation  & truth.  That way, we can get necessary things done so that we can get travel dates re-instated.  April, May & June are packed full of activities so I'm kind of glad that we can focus on other things in March.  We can hardly wait to get to our kids in Bulgaria.  Kids & us are going to pick out some pics next week to make photo albums for the kids over there.  Want them to get to know us all.  We're all thinking of gifts we can get for them too.  Please, please let me go when I'm supposed to.  This week is very pivotal in that decision.  Pray for resolution and that all falls into place.  Got to go pick up Nik in a few minutes.  More to come tomorrow, I'm sure.  Keep you posted on events about to happen this week. 

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