Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She finally did it!!!!

Can't believe I can finally post about this accomplishment for our daughter.  You have no idea over the past few years, how hard it has been to watch her sleep on a dog bed or the hardwood floors.  Don't freak out. This was all BY CHOICE.  She had a bed.  She just would never sleep on it.  To understand Alyona's sleeping habits, you must go back to the orphanage days.  At her orphanage, they slept two to a bed.  And these were NOT big beds either.  I have pictures but for the life of me can't figure out how to load them.  They were from their orphanage. 

Anyhow, for the past few years, Alyona has chosen not to sleep on a bed.  for months we were finding her in odd places all over the house in the morning.  Behind doors, in the armoire, by the bookcase, under the table, etc.  Her favorite spot became by the bookcase.  Well, we hated seeing her asleep on the hardwood floors every morning.  So, since she's so tiny, we went out and bought a brand new dog bed.  At the time, Bear never used one.  We put it by the bookcase and that is where she preferred to stay.  We finally were able to graduate her to a mattress on the floor.  Then, a mattress in the loft area. Then, we finally were able to do this:

That is Alyona testing out her new bed!  Alex messing around underneath it.  This is not Alyona's room.  She doesn't have a room yet but that will change next month thanks to a local church in Benson!  For now, Alyona is in the loft area. 

Still, unsure of this whole bed idea.  As you can see, she's a little timid of it.  She prefers to be under it.  For awhile, I thought she might sleep under it.  But, no.  We conquered it!  She remained in her bed the entire night & Alaska slept at her feet.  Alyona felt safe and comfortable in her own bed.  This is a huge accomplishment for her after so many years.  Very proud she stayed with it. Wasn't sure it would happen though.  The first night it was nearly 11 o'clock and she told me she was too excited to sleep.  

Happy to report she loves her new bed.  there is a trundle that comes w/ it but we don't have a mattress for it.  Don't have any daybed bedding yet but eventually we will.  For now, a Dora comforter will do.  Trust me, she doesn't mind.  She has her bed.  But more than that, Alyona has her confidence.  Love it.  Just had to share.  It may not seem like a big deal but trust me, this is huge for her.  

Got to go.  Been a long day & need to get dinner ready.  max & the boys are messing around w/ the walkie talkies pretending to arrest people.  This could get interesting.  LOL.  Is homework done yet...no.  More to come. 


  1. Hey!... That´s a huge step!!!... Congratulations for Alyona and to YOU, ´cause she has her confidence thanks to you!...
    Kind regards from Arg.!!!...

  2. I'm so happy for Alyona! Stephanie, I LOVE your blog! I don't know if I've commented before, but you have a precious bunch of kids! I Pray for you all regularly. I always look forward to your updates. I am looking forward to following your Journey to bring your 3 little ones home and hope it's soon! I so wish I lived near your family so I could help out with your children. Keep writing and know that I've been thinking about the recent happenings in your home and I know that you are a strong bunch and things/people will Heal.
    Hugs from MN.! ~ Jo