Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Saturday here

It was mainly uneventful but I will have to brag about one thing!  Well, one kid.  Day started out cooking breakfast (Warren did) and then to the trash dump.   Finally got rid of the redneck mattresses on our front porch.  Nothing like walking up to your door and seeing trash sitting there.  Glad it's gone.  After that, we decided to go see Nik's artwork which was on display at Showcase of Stars!  yep, told you I had to brag.  LOL. 

This is Alex.  Not very happy is he?  I made him come w/ us.  Older kids were at home & he wanted to stay home with them.  However, we can not leave Alex w/ them as we've tried it before & every time they've had trouble w/ him.  We told him when his behavior changes, he can then stay home w/ the teens like Bojan does.  Obviously, he was not cooperating with this deal.  Don't worry, he came around.  

Warren is trying to lift him up to his picture.  I don't know where that silly smile is coming from.  He just lost another tooth.  Only fear I have now is he's been trying to loosen his permanent teeth.  

This is it!  Nik's drawing and no indication of any Stephen King thoughts whatsoever.  I love it.  He read his mommy's mind.  Relief seeing this picture.  

Nik in front of the school's board of selected artwork for this show.  It was really neat seeing all the different pieces of artwork from different schools.  

Upon leaving, Alyona wanted to find our car.  She said what color is it again?  This is pure FAS folks.  That car has been in our driveway for years.  Years.  And today she asked what color it was.  But, the look on her face was priceless when she found it in the parking lot.  She was quite proud of herself.  It's the little things that make the difference to our kids.  Her feeling like she conquered a parking lot is priceless to me.  

After the art show, we went to look at barns/ sheds.  We must find a solution if we are unable to add onto the house.  I will explain our housing situation later.  We then stopped by the outlet center.  We usually go to the Premium Outlet Center here in Smithfield but had never gone to the JR ones.  Went to the Soffee one that had athletic stuff.  Amazing deals!  We are going back.  When I can pick up shirts, sweats, shorts, & other things for $1.00 to 2.98, we do.  That is cheaper than I can find at Walmart or even consignment shops.  And these are brand new items.  Had 3 kids w/ us & let them pick out some items.  Going back w/ the teens tomorrow as some can use some gym clothes for school & running and some can use some new shirts.  Any locals should try it.  I really was shocked at the deals.  Unreal.  After all that, we took them to Micky D's for .99 sundaes.  It really hit the spot.  By this time, Alex had forgotten he was mad.  We discussed how he can change some behavior & how we'll work on it.  He was okay w/ the plan.  With FAS children, you must do baby steps.  

We got home & the teens had cleaned up some of the house & given both dogs a bath.  Kota threw up in the tub.  I'm not sure why as he's never done that before.  Strange.  Girls had gone skating last night w/ friends.  So, Irina said "mom, I'm almost afraid to ask."  I knew what was coming.  Though I thought it was going to be can so & so spend the night.  Instead, she asked if they could go out to the movies tonight.  Cheap seats.  (that's what we call them here).  Now, they'd been out w/ their friends all night last night & today.  But, I said yes on the condition that next weekend they MUST stay home and help w/ the yard.  They agreed.  I'm glad they have friends and go out but they also must help out here a bit too.  They did today which was great.  But I also have to monitor closely b/c once FAS kids get out of routine, it is hard to reel them back in.  The attitude changes dramatically if they're up too late.  It's a hard balance really.  My kids do have a social life.  There is no problem w/ that.  LOL.  

tomorrow is church and then a Sam's run.  When you are down to ketchup & canned peaches, it's time to go to the store.  LOL.   Well, we have more than that but you get the picture.  With the chaos of our current "situation" over the last two weeks, we didn't get to do our normal Sam's run.  With life returning to normal, we must re-supply.  Hate taking the kids w/ us b/c we're in there twice as long & end up w/ twice as much stuff.  But, trying to conserve gas, you go when you're out that way.  Coming home, letting the puppies out and then off to the outlets for some spring/ summer clothing for the kids. It's mostly the teen girls that need a few things.  That and Alyona.  She is so skinny it is hard to fit her.  I think Warren & Max may work on fixing up some of the bikes tomorrow too which would be wonderful.  I got half the towels out today & will get the other half out on Monday.  

Kids have had a decent weekend.  All have gotten to hang out with friends.  Nice to see them having fun again.  Laughing is definitely back & that is awesome.  I'm having issues w/ the school & that will be a separate post.  Homeschooling is definitely in the future for some this coming year.  I have gotten a ton of paperwork stuff done.  Adoption stuff, grant stuff, organizing, forms for deaf camp, & a few other things as well.  Busy but it's a good thing.  Much to do tomorrow & we loose an hour so I need to get going.  All the kids are doing really well.  Alex was very proud that he got a 100 on his math test.  So were we.  It is just nice that things are going back to the way they were after such a harsh situation.  Can't wait for tomorrow.  Another sunny day here in NC.  Talk soon, I'm sure. 

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