Friday, March 11, 2011

Random pictures

I've had a few pictures hanging around the camera & thought it was just time to do a random picture post.  No real rhyme or reason behind the pictures.  Just they were there & thought I'd share them.  Not even sure what is all in here.  Might be interesting.  Hope you enjoy them. 

This was after they'd had a bath.  You couldn't ask for a better big brother.  Seriously.  Max is very sweet to his younger sibs.  I mean, they'll have their tiffs but for the most part, he's always there to play around with them.  And they eat it right up as you can see in this picture. 

Not sure what is w/ that look.  Looks like chocolate around his mouth.  Who knows though.  This was Nik's way of telling me he wants a haircut.  He came and told me he's like a girl.  He hates his hair being any bit shaggy.  Yet Alex will want to look like a shaggy dog before he let's me get it cut.  

Just a few more signs of spring.  Love it!  The colors just start to pop everywhere.  We have pear trees all around the neighborhood in full bloom.  Beautiful white blooms.  Daffodils are out in our yard as well.  Grass is showing signs of life again.  Can barely wait to get started with the garden and flower planting.  Most mine are perennials so very little I have to do as far as planting goes.  Can't wait to share the end results.  

My kids are still loving those snuggies from Christmas time.  Alyona is at the age of the akwkward smile.  I think all kids go through that at some point.  Still, beautiful to me!  She truly is our girlie girl. 

I know this is horribly blurry but still love it.  Nik wanted to put a Santa hat on me.  He thought it was just too funny.  Love that little boy of mine.

My son is NOT happy I'm taking his picture.  Can you tell?  I ask Bojan all the time why in the world he likes to read here.  Still no answer.  We have chairs, couches, beds, etc.  Many, many places that would be comfortable.  This is where he likes to read.  Hardwood floors.  I don't get it.  Bojan has boots. He must wear boots due to his clubfoot & instability of the leg/ankle.  It is very hard some times to find boots for him.  Lucked out last week at Target.  $12.48!  I was thrilled as was he.  Cool looking so that helps.  

That's it for now as for random pictures.  I'll have more stuff tomorrow.  Catching up big time.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the great outdoors.  going to be near 70 tomorrow here.  Can't wait.

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