Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayer Warriors needed

I've seen this in a few places in the adoption community.  There is a family that recently got back from EE.  I believe Ukraine, but not sure.  They adopted two girls.  The one girl is 3yo.  When they got back to the apartment to undress her, they then became aware of her grave condition.  When the parents landed, what should have been a trip home to reunite w/ their children, was instead a trip to the hospital to try to save their new daughter's life.  This little girl named Carrington is 3 years old and 11 pounds.  Doctor's said her body was preparing to die.  She will be there for weeks while they try to save this precious one's life.   The pictures are truly heartbreaking.  Someone has set up a blog to help follow them on this journey.  Here is their blog:

I'm sharing as this family needs all the prayers they can get right now.  I can not imagine rushing to the hospital right after getting off a transatlantic flight.  It is just a sad story.  More testimony that the orphans of Eastern Europe need our help. 

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