Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My days are blending together

I wrote on here Monday last. Still no resolution to our "situation" & things seem to be getting more strange as time progresses.  Continued prayers for truth & resolution would be wonderful.  Encouragement for our kids during this time as they have really had a rough few weeks.  Our PI kids have been through SO, SO much before they even came to America.  Having them go through traumatizing things again makes your heart ache.  Really does.  Our situation was supposed to be finished up tomorrow.  It's not.  We need this done so we can be re-issued our travel dates so please be thinking about us if you can.  It's hard knowing your kids are across the ocean and you can't get to them.  That's all I can say about that. 

The school & I are not in agreement right now & that is causing some tension.  I canceled the IEP meeting.  It is rescheduled for Friday though I'm honestly not sure I can sit in that room yet w/ all that has transpired these last few weeks.  I feel very hurt by the school.  I'm not sure we'll ever recover & know that b/c of what has happened our kids will most likely have to be pulled from school & homeschooled in order to protect them.  It's sad as I really did enjoy them going there.  It was peaceful.  It was reassuring while they were in school.  It was pleasant.  It was so many things but my perspective has not shifted and not sure there is ever any going back.  Again, I can only speak of a few things right now & will have to explain in detail one day.  I just can still not disclose it all. 

Alex had a hard time yesterday after school & didn't even go to his running club.  He loves to run.  His nickname in our house is "Dash."  You know, from the Incredibles movie.  Kids came over after school & about 10 of them were outside playing kickball.  Kept trying to nail me in the face w/ the ball as I was on the front porch.  URGHH!!!  Anyhow, it stays light out later & is great to have everyone playing outside & enjoying it.  Some usually are playing a game of kickball, some on the trampoline , & Nik & one of the "littles" searching for bugs.  Spring is in the air.  Love it!  Lots of plans coming up soon. 

Tomorrow is Thursday.  Yana goes to the neurologist about her severe migraines lately.  Irina follows at the neuro for her normal checkup for her FAS & OCD issues.  It's a pediatric one but she's seen Irina for about 10 years now.  She said she'd keep seeing her if we'd like for a few more years despite her being 18yo.  That's awesome.  I've planted some things in our garden and hope it turns out this year.  We love a garden & really honestly wished we had a greenhouse.  One day maybe.  We go through so much food it would be nice to have one on hand.  For now, grocery store it is.  We go to local produce stands once they open.  Next month we'll get to pick our own strawberries which we absolutely love to do.  This year though, I'm hiding some & freezing them. Last year they ate ALL of them.  Mind you, we had 9 full buckets of strawberries.  It was crazy. 

Max's b-day is Sunday.  Sweet 16!  Can't believe it.  More on him later in the week.  More to come on here.  Pictures for sure.  I miss the pictures.  Oh, and Nik is reading!!!  Holy Cow!  It's so neat to listen to him read.  He is so dog gone proud of himself.  It's beyond fun to watch.  We all watched at dinner tonight as he read.  He gets stuck on some words but not bad at all.  Got to go.  I have about 5 hours worth of work tonight & it's 10pm.  Yeh, not happening.  Need about 2 days off one week.  Not happening either.  LOL.  Doing what I can to finish stuff up.  ALL towels go out tomorrow.  If you have not received yours yet, I thoroughly appologize.  We got caught up in something way beyond our control.  WE are finally starting to get back to normal.  Well, normal for Chaos Manor.  Okay, Alaska just carried out a roll of toilet paper.  Time to go.  

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  1. So sorry to hear that things are still not settled. Is there any parent advocate that you could take to the IEP meeting for support? Praying and hope things end soon.