Monday, March 7, 2011

Max's drawings and missed exits

Figured we hadn't had one of Max's drawings for awhile.  Overdue.

Here's a view of what Max drew for school.  He had to draw one of his hallways at school.  I'll explain part of it in a second.  Love the depth perception here.

Here is another view.  Now, the thing in the middle of the hallway is a trap door.  Max added that himself.  They do not have a trap door in their floor at school.  He wanted the trap door to show the boiler room.  I think it's pretty good if I do say so myself.  

Now, next topic is Missed Exits.  That is the name of our other blog though not up & running yet.  We are going to do it though.  We want it only to chronicle the travels we take w/ our children.  Some local, some events, some further away.  Just never know where you'll end up if you go past a missed exit & just explore.  That is what we are hoping to do a lot of.  Explore new things w/ the kids.  So, we have been planning a few things.  March will be left open as we still have this "situation" to deal with which I do promise to disclose at some point.  Thought I'd tell you a little bit of what we have planned for April, May and June.  In April, we have folks coming on April 9th to help fix our home up.  We can not express enough how appreciative we are to the Turner Memorial Baptist Church in Benson!  I can not wait to meet these folks and work with them.  More about it a little later.  Just had to share the good news.  So, that is a weekend we will definitely be here.  The first weekend in April, we plan on going to the zoo.  Third weekend in April is camping, weather permitting.  First w/ the new pups so that should be a riot.  What else?  Oh, we have Easter Break in there and I think some of the kids are going to Warrens' parents house for a few days.  They'll have fun for sure.  We also have Special Olympics for Alyona in April.  April 29th.  We're also going to an airshow in mid-April.  That will be fun.  May help out w/ Relay for Life with our church but trouble is it is the same day as Special Olympics.  Depending upon the timing of it all is whether or not I can help w/ that.  I'd like to though.  We'll see.  So, April is packed.  We have a zoo pass, air show is free, Special Olympics is free to watch, camping is $12 for a site, etc.  Costs will be  minimal for sure.  I write that b/c many wonder how we can take the kids to different places in this economy...budgeting.  

May will bring a trip to Roaring Gap, NC for Deaf Camp.  Camp Cheerio.  It is a cueing camp but people cue, talk, and sign there.  Wonderful experience and I encourage all HOH or deaf families to attend.  We also most likely will go to the aquariums on the coast in May.  I know there was something else but can't think of it at the moment.  June is end of school and an Orenburg Reunion in NC.  Also, we'll be hitting the beach.  We can make a day trip out of it so it only costs us gas money.  Okay, so who knows how much that will be in June!  We also plan to visit a few local museums.  And, I found a paddle on the river at moonlight for just $3 to $5 a piece.  Should be neat if we decide to go.  It's in Durham.  For those being cost effective & still trying stuff to do w/ their kids, start w/ museums and join local groups.  We have a free paper here called Carolina Parent.  Has all kinds of activities listed and events.  We try to do little things throughout the year and then a few bigger trips for them.  

Our BIG trip will hopefully be in summer of 2012.  We are dreaming of taking all 10 kids cross country.  Yep, suicide mission I'm sure.  LOL.  Especially, by the end of the trip.  I have heard from other big families the cross country trip is either something you absolutely love or without a doubt hate.  There is no in between.  One of our docs has already said to let him know for sure when we do this and he'll make "bets" of what state we get to before we turn around.  He said, hey, you can pay for gas that way & we all get a good laugh.  Yeh, I'm not laughing.  (don't worry, there is no betting going on, this is all talk).  I'm sure there'll be some type of poster involved.  Though, I'm betting we get to Graceland and have to turn around.  They want to see Graceland, all want to see Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, and quite a few other places.  Over the next few months, we'll have them pick out some places they'd like to go and then narrow it down.  Should be interesting.  Again, this is a dream that we hope to do.  It will take us 4 weeks.  Of togetherness.  in tight spaces.  Learning how to share when we don't want to and things like that.  LOL.  Again, this is quite a ways out but since it is so huge a deal, it will take tons of planning for sure.  And, if gas hits $5 a gallon, it's out anyhow.  I really want to make this a learning experience for the kids.  And for me.  Maybe a book afterwards:  how to survive a road trip w/ your kids.  Possible title?  My all time dream is to take the kids on a Disney Cruise.  I know it won't happen but I can surely dream.  It is 4 days to a week and that is perfect for our kids.  Not only that, they entertain every age group. And, we don't have to do the driving.  Or the pitching of the tent.  So, if any of you ever see a Disney Cruise contest to enter, let me know.  I'm sure that would be the only way we'd ever get to go.  UNLESS, we catch travelzoo's deal. They do a Disney Cruise deal every year where it costs you just $200 for the whole deal.  It goes super fast though and you have to pay attention.  Can't remember if it comes out in September or October but figured I'd pass the info along.  

Lots of good things happening in the future I hope.  We truly want our kids home to be able to share some of these adventures with us.  I'll keep you posted.  this weekend, museums seem to be what we'll be doing as weather is still a bit iffy.  Have a wonderful week.


  1. Hey! We are kinda on the way to Mt Rushmore!! :) Hubby and I went there on our honeymoon 21 yrs ago! :)

  2. Steph, maybe your adoption will be finalized this year and you can get the adoption tax REFUND! It's like $13,000 per child! Then you could fix up everyone's room, any needs around the house & take a great vacation!

    We did the cross-country RV thing with my dad, stepmom, me, hubby & 2 of the kids. We went from NC to Idaho taking the upper US states and down to Nevada & back through the lower US states...hitting 21 states altogether in less than 3 wks. It was a blur, a whirlwind but it was awesome! You can rent a class C or A Rv for about $175 a day plus mileage & gas but you can bring tents and bring your own food to save money. Plan ahead & boon-dock will also save money (this is where you don't plug in at night, you stay at a national park or a friend's driveway or a walmart parking lot, etc) Altogether it was about $3000. Money well spent for a lifetime of memories. You will love it!

    I love reading your posts. Chaos Manor sounds like so much fun! I hope to meet you in person some day & if you head to Surf City or Topsail Beaches, let us know...we'll meet you there! Take care girl! Love ya!