Monday, March 28, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, it's already the beginning of the week again.  I have a ton of posts half started.  So, this week things may seem a bit out of order.  My attempt is to finish a few of the old posts & then move on w/ things.  That's the goal anyhow.  Whether it happens or not is another story.  Today was Monday & the kids did not have school.  So, I had 13 kids here.   7 are mine.  It was cold, wet & rainy out most of the day.  Inside we had to get creative.  Part of the day was movie & popcorn.  Over the Hedge.  Most watched it.  Had lots of imaginative play going on as well.  For crafts, I had some doing mosaics & some doing bead making of necklaces.  We also attempted a cake.  I say attempted for a reason.  It was made.  Smelled & looked fantastic.  I put it in the freezer to cool so I could ice it faster.  Open the freezer door & out fall the cake.  Upside down butter pecan.  Obviously, we couldn't salvage what actually landed on the floor.  But the part that stayed in the pan.  Yep, they tore into it.  I had to take the pan away.  We were all cracking up b/c it was so dog gone stupid that it was funny.  Ever have one of those stupid but funny moments?  You can't stop laughing.  That was us.  All in all, we had a pretty decent time for being stuck inside most of the day. 

This is a shot of a few of the kids working on mosaics or bead necklaces.  We had oranges for snack as well as popcorn w/ the movie.  We have more beads than you want to know...or step on for that matter.  

One of the "littles" & Nik concentrating on their bead making.  Yes, that is a teddy bear w/ a bandaid on it on the right side.  

One of the "littles' brother" & Yana watching a movie.  And no, she is not supposed to eat in the living room.  Yana changed her hair color this past weekend to a bit darker.  She likes it & has gotten compliments on it but as a mom, I think it was fine before.  Her natural color is very dark.  Her bio sister's hair was actually black.  BTW, Yana always tells me she hates pink.  Really?  Notice the sweatshirt & socks.  LOL.  

Yana took this shot.  Kota taking his taste of the cake that had fallen.  Apparently, even the dog liked it!  I think we can safely say he is a dog and not a puppy any more.  Though to us, he is still so small.  Bear was 125 lbs.  Not sure what Kota weighs now but guessing in the 50's, maybe even 60's.  What drives me nuts about this picture is why did Yana take it & not tell the dog to get down???  Kids.  

busy day w /the 13 kiddos here but it was organized for the most part at Chaos Manor.  Part of the afternoon the boys went outside to work the dirt.  Was shocked how much they'd gotten done.  

Lots going on this week.  Hoping our "situation" will be concluded & we can move on w/ Bulgaria & a travel date again.  Keep you posted.  1 IEP meeting and no doc appts. that I'm aware of.  But, so , so much to catch up on.  More to come for sure.  Just know it is  a very hectic week.   Oh, I do need to go get Bojan's stitches out.  Think I may take him tomorrow or Wednesday.  They gave us no specific date.  Looks very good.  Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

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