Monday, March 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Lots to do this week for sure.  Please pray our "situation" is finished up this week and we can get our new travel dates once again.  Just pray for truth and encouragement.  That would help immensely.

We have a few appointments this week.  We have Alex's IEP coming up which should be very interesting to say the least.  I do not agree at all with how they are teaching him.  Parents of special needs kids have to fight tooth nail in this county.  I hate it.  I really do.  The system is broken.  They try and "fix" it every year w/ something new & improved.  It never works.  Never.  Enough of that.  I'll have a separate school post one day.  I've always said it's not the teachers but the system.  In most cases, the teachers hands are tied.  such as in Alyona's case.  B/c she is in self-contained classroom, she is not allowed to fail.  Can you believe that?!  What is that teaching her for real life?  Nothing. 

We have an appointment with Neurology for Yana and an appointment w/ the dentist for Nik.  He's having his first cavity filled.  This is the appointment that I was a month early for last month.  I also can't wait to hear what the neurologist has to say about Yana's migraines.  I have a feeling she'll have to be medicated for them.  Hope not but pretty certain w/ the severity and frequency.

There is something else happening w/ our kids that still not at liberty to disclose.  Something I'm very nervous about b/c it had such a negative impact on them last time.  PI kids come with lots of baggage and people interacting with them need to be respectful of that.  I pray that they will be this week.

We're working on fixing up the yard and outside of the house this week. Starting to come along.  Kids were great at helping.  Not sure what we're doing this coming weekend.  Our April, May & June are getting packed.  Hopefully, we'll be able to also throw a trip to Bulgaria in w/ that! Lots going on.  Having to take & pick Bojan up from school till the wheelchair bus can get him.  Hoping that is tomorrow.  Picking up some clothes today for the teens that someone is selling.  girls are excited about that.  Trying over the next few weeks to make sure that everyone has some clothes to start the summer with.  And in NC, summer weather typically comes early.  Tomorrow, it's in the 80's.  So, working on that.   I have kids that really grew this past year.  They really do need some new clothes.  Some are just so dog gone hard to buy for.  Alyona is beyond skinny and nothing fits her.  She finally outgrew toddler sizes last year so I was thrilled.  Gives her more options for clothing a little bit more age appropriate. 

Not much else going on.  Warren was sick as a dog Thursday & Friday.  He believes he had food poisoning and I'm beginning to think he was right.  Not sure how but who knows.  Glad he's up & about & back to work today.  Dentist just called & re-scheduled our appointment.  No biggie.  Go with the flow.  I let you all know if anything happens w/ our case.  Like I said, please pray for resolution and truth this week.  IF things are cleared up this week, we should have another travel date issued which would be a dream come true.  We are so close & to have a wrench thrown in an adoption at the last minute is really tough.  Survivable, but tough.  We have faith though that all this will be cleared up SOON & we can get on w/ seeing our new kiddos!  Can't wait.  More to come this week.  Keep you posted on our travel status and will speak about our situation as soon as I am able. 

enjoy this spring day.  It's sunny here so the 2 "littles" that will be here today are going to be outside playing.  May have them help w/ the garden too.  Alex was very content helping me this past weekend starting the garden.  We really do need more acreage and a farm.  Not happening but that's what we need here.  My kids really do thrive outdoors.  They love it.  I think being raised indoors most their young life in an orphanage gave them that desire to want to be outside and love the outdoors.  Glad that they have that love of nature. 

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