Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, we survived Daylight Savings Time.  Never did make it to church on Sunday as we got up late.  never did get caught back up either.  Let's see, what craziness lies ahead this week.  Not too much really.  Well, there is something concerning and not sure what to do.  We are calling Raleigh Neurology.  It's not for one of our kids that normally see them.  It's for Yana this time.  She's been getting migraines for awhile now but seems to be able to control them w/ OTC.  Well, today she got one so bad that she had to call for me to come get her from school.  At the same time, the pups had run away & I had just put pizza in the oven.  Knew I had to get her though so I left.  She's been sleeping somewhat since I got her.  Yana said this one was like no other migraine she had. She's fine now.  Still, Warren & I feel we must get her checked out again. She's was checked years ago for the same thing w/ either a CAT scan or MRI.  Don't remember which but all came back clear.  They told us just someone who gets migraines and to treat the symptoms and we have been.  This attack though seemed different so we want her re-checked. 

Warren fixed Bojan's leg again so he's good for awhile.  It was turned in too much.  That & he did something w/ the knee.  No more falling.  Yeah.  All kids are healthy right now so nothing w/ medical stuff except the migraines for Yana.  Still waiting for a call back from Duke for Bojan.  Though they are a great hospital, their customer service has much to be desired. 

We have an FAS support group meeting tomorrow evening and hope we can make it.  Always a challenge on a Tuesday.  Alex has running club tomorrow.  We have a "visitor" coming on Wednesday due to our current situation which I'm still not at liberty to disclose.  Hopefully, it will finish up soon.  Other than that, a light week. Dirt being delivered on Wednesday as well.  Lots of dirt.  since I was determined to follow through this weekend, I now have a ton of helpers.  LOL.  Yesterday, we had had enough of the boys' rooms.  Enough.  Here is just a small dose of what I'm talking about:

I walked into Nik & Alex's room & this is what I saw.  Can you believe this?!

This is the other part of their room.  That is not writing on the wall but a chalkboard wall.  And, we haven't finished painting around the new windows.  But the rest is all theirs.  I was really appalled.  Then, I left their room and walked into this:

This is the hallway upstairs.  Yes, we're finishing the some point.  Why on earth would they do this?!  Looks like a bunch of raccoons came in and destroyed everything in their path.  Ridiculous.  First door on the right is Alex & Nik's room.  Next door is Max & Bojan's room.  Do you want to even dare to go in?  Why not.  We're telling all so here goes.

This is part of Bojan & Max's room.  Half a darth vader mask, fairy doll, tons of clothes, shoelaces from God only knows where, etc.  Hey, at least the coats are hung up on the hooks on the left.  That dresser normally isn't there.  Remember, we're in the midst of changing this over to a girls' room.  First, we must find the room.

This is still Bojan & Max's room that we'll be turning into the girls' new room.  Okay, a few things here.  The weight bench is NOT supposed to be upstairs.  The mirror on the wall they took from the hallway.  Why?  I don't really know.  Then there is the matter of Bojan's bed over there.  Let's take a closer look, shall we.

Seriously son?  Do we have sheets for all the beds?  YES!  Maybe it's b/c it's too far for the boys.  Right?  Wrong.  The upstairs linen closet is right outside their door and is packed full of twin sheets.  Boys & girls.  Yet, my 12yo doesn't want to bother making his bed in the morning.  Bojan told me it's too much work to put sheets on the bed.  He'd rather take the comforter & just throw it on the bed.  Why do my boys do this type of thing?  Any of your kids just too lazy to even put sheets on the bed?  

Anyhow, Warren & I had had enough of the rooms that look like a demilitarized zone.  No reason for it other than being lazy.  We have given them chance after chance.  Well, Saturday during the day, several times a day, we said if it is not picked up by the end of the night, whatever is left is going in garbage bags.  Sure enough, first thing Sunday morning we went up w/ garbage bags in hands and boys in disbelief that we'd do such a thing to them.  They were scrambling to save what they wanted.  We kicked them out of the rooms while we picked up.  Took all garbage bags to the living room floor & dumped them out.  why?  Because each & every boy claimed they were NOT theirs.  None of it!  So, went item by item.  I was originally going to ground each child a day for each thing that was theirs.  Umm, that would have been months of grounding.  didn't do that.  Instead, they have endless punishment chores the rest of the week.  Yes, today they came home and raked up leaves.  They have oh so much more to do.  I understand boys being messy.  I do. But this was a whole other level.  I couldn't let it go on.  We'll see if this works.  Can you tell I let them stray from the 7-7-7 rule?  I can.  they just can not handle it.   I swear all my FAS kiddos would do well as minimalists.  Now, Yana's room used to be this way too. It did.  HOwever, she got her act together and learned quickly.  There are times when it's a mess but not to the extent of the boys.  Like I said, I can handle the mess.  It's when it looks like a dumpster spilled out that i have a problem. 

Well, the mess really wasn't the intended post.  For the most part, the downstairs stays decent all the time.  The boys' rooms are what need the most work.  We'll get there.  Slowly but surely.  Not much else happening here.  Getting lots of things done bit by bit.  Just sent in registration for Camp Cheerio in May & RSVP for the Orenburg Reunion in June.  April is an air show, a complete room change for the girls, camping out, Special Olympics, and Easter.  I'm sure we have a few other things in April as well.  This coming weekend we may attempt the zoo.  We'll see how it goes as Warren has an outage weekend and has to work.  STarting Thursday, the weather here is going to be absolutely gorgeous!  can't wait.  Spring is here!  Wahoo!!!  Doing lots of planting this weekend of veggies and such.  Cleaning up the yard big time.  Girls will be helping too as they spent all last weekend w/ friends.  And I mean, all last weekend.  Lots happening but good things so very happy about it all.  More to come.  I will indeed show an AFTER picture of the rooms soon.  It's in the camera.  Doesn't take them long when they actually set their mind to it.  Need to get going.  Have a wonderful evening. 

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