Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just for fun

With all that is going on, I have to remember the little fun we have from time to time.  So, thought I'd share a few pictures.

Just for fun one night, Dad decided it was high time for homemade milkshakes.  He made mint oreo milkshakes.  Yum is an understatement!  Loved them.

Just for fun, we had our milkshakes in the living room while watching Chuck.  Yep, it was a school night.  Yes, we have furniture in the living room.  Yet almost all my children choose to sit on the floor while watching tv.  Go figure.

Just for fun, Alyona & Nik created their own little fort from her bed & some sheets.  Picture is blurry but they're still cute.  Great imaginations at work.

Just for fun one day, I let Nik & one of the "littles" play video games after school.  This was a FIRST!!!  I never do this on a school day.  It was really yucky outside and figured one time, why not.  Can you tell it made his day?

Just for fun, my kids sometimes climb the great oak trees in our yard.  Despite mom & dad saying not to go that high!  This was Yana one day.  BTW, there is a limit to how high they're allowed to go.  She was NOT listening this particular day.   Proof was on the camera when she told me she didn't go that high.  LOL.  

My kids do a bunch of things just for fun.  And, for that I'm grateful.  Why isn't that one of the jobs of a kid?.... to have fun?  It's the little things that make a difference.  More pictures to come and more tidbits of things here and there.  With all the chaos happening lately, we are trying to get everything together.  We have much coming up this week so trying to prepare.  Have a relaxing Sunday.  We're going to church this morning and then home to finish cleaning up & prepping the yard.  I'm taking Nik to his friend's b-day party this afternoon & Warren is taking Yana & Irina to Youth Group.  Tomorrow starts a whole new weekend a praying it is a resolution to what is going on in our lives & what is our hold up.  Please pray that a resolution is reached this week & we can then get travel dates re-issued.  More to come on what all is happening these next few weeks.  I'm just disappointed that at the moment it does not include a first trip to Bulgaria.  Time will tell though.  This week is pivitol.  Have a great day everyone.  Get out and do something fun. 

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