Friday, March 25, 2011

Helping out

thought I'd do a quick post on here.  Today, Max is having someone over & we're ordering pizza.  Max received a giftcard from his grandparents & we may go over to Target later to see what he can find.  He has some ideas in mind.  It's supposed to be a wet, rainy & cold weekend.  Guess we're not working outside after all.  That's okay as we have plenty to do in the house.  A good spring cleaning is in order, patching up the upstairs walls, and laundry.  Afternoon tomorrow, we are taking Max out to dinner for his 16th birthday.  Just the family to our favorite restaurant.  We never can go b/c it's really too pricey for us.  But, this is special.  We go here every time we bring home kids or do something really special.  So, last time we were here was a few years ago with Alyona & Nik coming home.  Now, we're going to celebrate Max's day.  Kids can hardly wait.  Me either!  It's just my favorite place.  We all have so much fun there.  It's a Japanese Steakhouse called Kanki.  Definitely pictures will be taken there.  Capture the fun.  Look on their faces.  Sunday is church & then the kids' grandparents (Warren's parents) are coming for a visit.  Monday is no school.  Busy weekend yet hopefully relaxing.  I'm throwing in a doc visit for me & hopefully can figure something out.  Seem to be getting a nasty Charlie Horse in my leg.  Feels like circulation but we'll see.  Hasn't effected function.  Nothing is blue before anyone freaks out.  Just always better safe than sorry.  I have a feeling it's some type of nerve issue.  Feel fine.  Just leg needs to be checked out.  And, easier to go on weekends when no kids have to go w/ me.  Fortunate we have a place open on the weekends.  Couple miles away.  Let you know how it goes.  We had two great neurology appts. this week so ready to make this a 3rd great appointment. 

Well, we all help out in this house.  Just how it is.  Doesn't matter who you are.  We all chip in with chores.  We all help w/ repairs if needed.  We all just help out from time to time.  So, I'll give you a few ideas of how we help out. 

We help by cooking.  On this evening, we were making baked meatballs.  For those wondering, it takes 7 lbs of hamburger meat.  Very little leftovers.  We then serve w/ rice as well.  Girls were helping to roll the meatballs and place them in pans.  They did a good job.  Well, once I got them to stop making meatballs the size of baseballs.  Notice in the picture how Alaska places herself right w/in dropping range??  

We also help by cleaning up.  Nik was taking stuff up the stairs.  Bucket belongs outside in the sandbox & the ball in it isn't even ours.  Hey, at least he's cleaning up.  

We help by planting a garden.  Alex wanted to help me plant some seeds so I let him.  He's very at ease outside.  

We decided to experiment w/ something new this year.  It is a box that comes w/ enough seeds for 2 sections of the garden.  Box costs $10.  It is a salsa garden & a vegetable garden.  Above is the salsa garden.  Hope they turn out.  Time will tell.  Our oregano & chives have come back from last year & so has some of the cilantro.  Oregano is already enough to cut. Nothing like fresh herbs.  

Just wanted to share a few of the ways they help out around here.  They're pretty good about helping except when you ask them to.  Like right now Irina is outside having to play supervisor as I asked Nik, Bojan, Alyona & Alex to clean up the backyard.  Put toys away & pick up any trash.  Literally, about a 3 minute job.  They've already been out there about 5 minutes complaining that they have to clean up.  Oh well.  Has to be done.  The older kids & I were moving dirt earlier & cleaned up the front yard.  Got to go.  My "supervisor" just quit.  LOL. 

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