Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hanging around, having fun

With all the seriousness going on around here lately, I love catching glimpses of the kids, well, being kids having fun.  Using their imagination or simply just being a kid.  Thought I'd share a few from the past few days.

Alyona & Nik love playing baby dolls together.  Nik uses the bear.  However, he does not want the poor bear in girl clothes.  He resolved that problem by putting his underwear on the bear.  

Irina and Max enjoying a fruit bar.  Love fruit bars.  Just wish they weren't so expensive.  Fruit bars are gone in this house as fast as they come in.  LOL.  

Too bright but this is Alyona.  Just hanging out at the swingset.  This swingset was made over ten years ago for Max & Irina by Warren.  We moved it from our old house to here.  No plans for it, he just built it as he went along.  Definitely well used.  

I know this is a terrible shot but it was THE cutest thing!  Dancing w/ the Stars was on tv when I came around the corner.  I caught Nik & Alyona trying to imitate the dancers' moves.  I was cracking up.  Too cute.  Took other blurry shots as they were spinning around and all.  Loved it.  then Nik wanted me to be his partner.  LOL.  I obliged.  

Notice the one not in the wheelchair is the one supposed to be using the wheelchair.  Bojan was walking around I'm sure.  Nik & Max can actually do wheelies in the wheelchair now.  Hilarious.  They had a disabilities fair awhile back at their schools.  Let's just say my kids did just fine in the wheelchair obstacle courses.  LOL.

Irina just chilling w/ Alaska.  Alaska is like a rag doll.  She'll go into any position you put her in.  She puts up w/ A LOT from all the kids here.  Kota, not so much.  Both are kid friendly but Kota definitely has limits and will leave the room.  Today I caught one of the "littles" playing dinosaur wars on top of poor Alaska.  She didn't even flinch.  What a great puppy we have!  I think Irina likes her too.

I had another picture but wasn't sure I'm allowed to post.  It was a picture of... well, fake poop.  Our speech therapist gave it to our kids.  Yes, even the professionals know my kids have a sick sense of humor sometimes.  Irina came in during a session & said she had poop on her hands.  I freaked out.  NOT knowing at the time it was fake.  Anyhow, the kids have played and played & played w/ this fake poop for the past two weeks now.  Pretending the puppies did it or the baby dolls.  Who would haev ever thought kids could have so much fun w/ fake poop.  However, it looks incredibly real, I thought it would gross some of you out.  Fooled me enough.  

Got to run.  Wet, rainy, cold day.  Spaghetti w/ homemade marinara sauce tonight.  Perfect!  Irina has a performance tomorrow night we're going to.  It is for her ASL I class.  Should be neat to see.  Speech therapist comes this evening.  Getting quite a bit done but still more to come.  Time to go make flowers w/ the "littles."  wish me luck. 

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