Monday, March 14, 2011

The good pups

I know last puppy post was labeled trouble makers.  Had to show you the really good side of the pups too. 

She loves the papasan chair.  Even when it's not up.  She looks so sweet.

Our dogs are awesome for therapy!  They really are great.  As you can see, Kota puts up w/ a bunch.  

A few weeks ago, we had a situation here.  It threw everyone for a loop & I think even the dogs could feel it in the air.  I say that b/c Alaska came & jumped up in our bed that morning.  She'd never done that before & hasn't done it since.  I think she was trying to be comfort.  Her fur is coming back nicely from surgery.  We call her our little rag doll.  She'll go to whatever position you want her to.  Doesn't snap at any of the kids either.

This is "King" Kota.  We love him.  He's very sweet but definitely thinks he's the boss.  Loves to play.  Lives to eat.  LOL.  He is on his favorite chair.  The recliner.  Kota has also learned to jump the fence. URGHH!!!  Working on a solution to that major problem of our dogs escaping.  

They love sleeping here in the dining room.  I think it's to get away from the kids at times.  They don't chew too much in the house.  Thank goodness.  Only real problem we are having w/ them is their escaping the fence.  They look so innocent when they're laying down but we know better!  Had to share with you my good puppies too.  They really have helped our family and we love them to pieces.  

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