Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinner & a movie

Well yesterday was Saturday.  Wasn't all that warm & since Warren fell twice this past week, we opted not to go to the zoo.  Instead, there were things we needed to get done.  Older kids had friends spend the night Friday night & since 2 were still leftover, gave them the option of going with us though not exactly sure at that point what we were going to do.  Warren had taken off the trash w/ Alex that morning.  I headed out w/ Alex, Nik & Alyona to a local consignment shop.  They had half price off winter items.  Found a nice spring jacket for Nik for $5.  Not bad.  They got a few items for church since we were low on those.  It's so, so hard to find Alyona clothes that don't look inappropriate.  I can't believe they make shorts that short for little girls.  It's nuts.  We only found 2 pair thus far.  Alyona is so hard to fit as she is desperately skinny w/ her eating issues.  From what I hear though failure to thrive kids do tend to be on the small size.  I'm just thankful that last year we finally exited the toddler sizes.  All in all, did great at that store. 

Next we ate lunch at home.  Just some salad but it was refreshing.  Full bellies make for smoother shopping. 

All got in the van and off we went.  Stinks b/c we have to remove 3 carseats since the tots aren't there during the weekend & we need the room.  Just a pain taking 3 other carseats out.  You can see we left the one in.  Went to Target first which had some really, really awesome deals.  Able to get shoes and undergarments for the girls.  Stuff we needed and all was on sale.  Did some more stuff & decided to go out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.  We expected a wait and well, we're not expecting an hour & a half wait.  So, left and ended up at Chick Filet.  With a playground so no complaints. 

We took up three booths while there.  Teen girls in the back as you can see.  Alyona trying to give her pickles away.  Bojan was sitting w/ Warren & I.  Not sure why either b/c usually he & Max are stuck like glue chatting away.  

As some may know, some of our FAS kids are on medications.  A schedule must be followed.  However, sometimes w/ teens, that does not get done.  If Max takes his meds late, he is extremely tired & out of whack.  Part of this though was NOT from forgetting to take his meds on time but for staying up late w/ his buddy.  Combo of the two.  He refueled w/ food though & was good to go for the next stop.

This is Nik's new thing.  Make a face right before I take the shot.  He smiles & then goes to this face.  Then, laughs hysterically when I'm done.  URGHH!

After re-fueling at Chick Filet, we did end up going to Shoe Carnival as Max didn't find shoes at Target first.  He was the only one left.  Well, him & Warren.  Let the teen girls go down to Blockbuster while we looked for shoes.  Found some for Alyona for $5 so picked them up.  Warren got his on sale as did Max.  So, 9 of us got shoes & between what we have and what we got, we are set until August.  See, in summer, my kids live in cheap flip flops.  I'm grateful for that.  I try buying them sandals but nope.  They go back to those el cheapo flip flops.  I've realized I should be very thankful.  LOL.  Got shoe sticker shock.  Thank goodness for sales.  Went down to Blockbuster to meet the girls.  They are going out of business so DVD's are on sale.  PIcked up Grown ups and Open Season 3.  While paying, I made Warren go next door to grocery store so we could surprise the kids w/ ice cream sundaes when we got home.  I found a Godiva chocolate bar on sale at Blockbuster.  Well, had to have that.  Went home to the puppies.  Teens' friends went home & we all settled down to watch a movie & have a snack.  Just a nice relaxing evening.  

Today, we have got so, so much paperwork to do to work on the "mess" that's going on that we have decided in our best interest to miss service this morning.  Also, have more errands to run.  Taxes MUST be done.  Warren did them but due to the previous adoptions, we have to file adoption decrees, birth certs, etc.  Also, in the state of NC, you got audited last year if you had more than 5 kids.  So, including paperwork in that as well.  Schedules & major organization has to be done today as well.  Last week was so incredibly stressful that it will take us all day to figure out our next step and get it done.  Praying we are submitted to Bulgaria soon.  Also, need to put Alyona's bed together today.  Irina and Yana have youth group at 5pm.  Busy day.  Just a quick note to say we will survive!  And thrive!  More to come.  Have a great weekend everyone. 

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