Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dining Room Dish

For those new, I thought every once in awhile, I should pull out some random things said at our dining room table.  Each night, it is filled w/ laughter.  Mostly due to stupid stuff that Max & Bojan are up to.  Tonight's discussions included all kinds of things including a war criminal from Auschwitz.  Don't even really know how that one got started.  Oh yeh, from Bojan wanting to change his eye color.  Let's see, some other conversations or stuff said.  It started off w/ Warren telling Max "you do not need a headlight to see your food."  Max had a head light on shining on his food.  For whatever reason, I don't know.  Another thing heard at our table tonight was from me this time.  "I would like to eat a meal without quarters or keys falling in my face!"  Warren thought it would be cool to teach the kids the quarters on the elbow trick.  URGHH!!!  Bojan then tried it with keys.  There was something hilarious said that had us in stitches but I'm having trouble recalling it.  Maybe it will come to me in a few minutes.  I think next few table conversations I'm going to keep a pen & paper by me.  Well, need to go.  Next episode of dining room dish I'll be able to recall more.  I just know tonight we could not stop laughing.  It was great.  Stupid, but good.

Well, forgot to post this yesterday.  So, now it's Wednesday.  And, tonight was not much different.   Bojan & Yana had made this stupid bet that neither could touch the back of a chair or anything.  First one to do it owed the other one a dollar.  Made for some unusual sitting positions, that's for sure.  Just b/c that wasn't interesting enough, Max & Nik decided to invent milk jug boxing.  Yes, using the emptied milk jugs, they started boxing w/ each other laughing hysterically.  I would like one sit down meal other than Thanksgiving to do just that...sit down.  With no noise, no funny business, no skits, no nothing.  Just quiet, calm talk.  I'm beginning to think that is near impossible in this dining room.  The majority of folks that have had dinner w/ us will agree.  And this concludes another episode of dining room dish. 

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