Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coneheads, chocolate & church

Catchy title, huh?  I guess I'll just start w/ the first one and go from there.  Coneheads.  What better way to explain it than w/ pictures.

This is Max sporting one of the dog's cones from surgery.  No idea why.

Another one of my coneheads imitating his brother.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Not sure why they did this other then to be funny.  I swear, my kids could have fun in a prison as long as they had each other.  LOL.  They all do the goofiest things.

Okay, this is a candle.  This is NO ordinary candle folks.  Oh no.  We got this at TJMaxx (one of our favorite stores).  It lists for $29 & we got it for $5.  This candle is simply delicious!  It smells up the entire house like chocolate.  I mean you feel like you can eat the candle.   People have come over & asked what's cooking.  If you ever see one of these candles, it is a must have.   For a chocoholic that I am, this works wonders.  No calories!  Everyday someone asks to light this candle.  I'm not sure what we'll all do when it runs out.  

Told Max to get dressed for church & this is what he ended up with.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  Now, here is what Bojan decided was okay:

Jeans & a shirt.  I usually don't like my kids wearing jeans to church.  Just a pet peeve of mine.  You're there to worship & show respect.  I know, I know, just a personal choice but something I really try to get the kids to follow.  I tell them 1 day out of the week for 2 hours is not going to kill you.  Whether or not these jeans were clean was the real question to ask.  Oh, that basket is where our permanent basket of socks remains.  They are all the unmatched socks.  Instead of any of us considering matching them while watching tv(oh no, b/c that would be too easy a solution), they just literally dump the basket & find a match each time they need socks.  Why?  Why not just match the dog gone socks?  I refuse to match the basket so there it sits.  I guarantee you, it will be there next week as well. Pick your battles is what I've learned over the years.  This is one I choose not to fight.  The battle of the never ending matched socks.  Sad part is, I even dump it once a week to let the "littles" find their socks.  I think there must be unmatched socks in every home.  Please tell me we're not the only ones.  

More to come tomorrow.  Kids had friends spend the night last night.  Tonight, we all chilled out and watched a movie.  More on today, tomorrow.  Warren & I are about to watch War of the Worlds.  All kids are in bed.  I guess they're making up for being up last last night.  Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.  We are.  Normal feels good. 

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