Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clarifying post

Sorry for the previous post.  We do NOT have travel dates re-issued yet.  We absolutely must get our "situation" solved here first before that can occur.  This was supposed to be done last week.  It wasn't.  I am told by someone that it should be wrapped up this week.  That would be wonderful and reassuring.  We have no idea what time frame a travel date would be re-issued once this is done.  This is kind of new territory for everyone from my understanding.  I know not much of this makes sense to many of you but do promise to disclose everything once all this is officially over.  Then everything I've been saying this last month will make sense.  Crazy, huh?  I know, I know.  -- we must like doing everything the hard way.  Definitely not but I think all these trials & tribulations during all our adoptions have made us stronger people and have taught us to really fight & put all your heart into what you need to do.  For months we were being told to not get Yana and Alex.  For months.  Told it was too hard.  They won't do it.  Everything in the book.  Some called us foolish for even attempting to pursue their adoptions.  But, we could not turn our backs on our kids.  Feel the same way about our Bulgarian kiddos.  And I do clearly want to reiterate that this has absolutely nothing to do w/ Bulgarian side of things or even the American agencies.  Just don't want anyone to think that.  They have all been fantastic throughout this whole ordeal.  Wanted to clarify the last post.  Only posted it b/c I am going through all old posts, finishing them and posting them.  Hence, why the blog may look rather choppy on topics this week.  Hope that all wasn't too confusing.  Enjoy your week.  Time for some make believe & crafts.  100% chance of rain today.  Got to get creative.  More later.

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