Friday, March 4, 2011

Catch up post

I am going to try to get back to blogging.  I need some sense of normalcy right now & this will help to fulfill that.  Our saga is NOT over.  Those that know what in the world is happening, know this is a process.  Trouble is, we have a time sensitive situation considering we are due to be submitted any day & receive a travel date shortly after that.  What we are in the midst of is something I still am unable to disclose fully.  Some have figured it out & written me privately.  I will eventually share all this, trust me.  I do feel the story needs to be told as it may help others.  And, as Forrest Gump says, "that's all I got to say about that."

Since our life was turned upside down, inside out last Friday, we have been trying to straighten this mess out, calm the kids, & figure out our next step.  I will not go into too much depth on here on the kids' feelings about everything right now.   Just know they are raw and emotional.  I feel today, we have finally taken a huge step forward and laughter is returning.   Playing is returning.  Stupid sayings are returning.  Life is returning to this home.  That does feel good.

Anyhow, I figured it was time to get back to writing on here.  We had 3 appointments  this week for the kids.  Irina had her videoscope of her throat on Tuesday. Confirmed the acid reflux & the GERD.  Her losing weight is crucial.  We already knew that & are trying to get her active again.  Hard w/ the school situation & her.  Good news is all her bloodwork is normal.  Very great news actually.  She may need another sinus surgery next year but they're holding off.

Nik had his ENT follow up.  Such a waste of time & money really.  Pay a $30 co-pay to wait forever & then have an MD look at his head for nearly 2 seconds.  Not kidding.  I have a feeling it must be part of the implant protocol.  However, Warren & I have decided enough of these 2 second $30 visits.  Done w/ those.  Seriously, he sees the audiologists enough that if there were ever a physical problem, I think they'd let us know.  Warren stopped by Castle afterwards and got his implant reprogrammed.  AB sent us a new processor but programmed it w/ the wrong side.  So, Warren took care of that today w/ Nik.  Stopped off at a gas station on the way home.  It is now $3.49 a gallon here.  Yikes!  This go around will most likely cost me around $150 to $175 to fill up my van.  We've already warned the kids we will be going nowhere the next few months at this rate of increase.  Tough times are coming I'm sure.  Well, Nik thought he was so slick b/c Warren let him have chocolate milk at the gas station.  Shoot, I think anything out of a bottle the kids think is special.  LOL.

Other appointment this week was for Alyona.  Remember, years ago she had a botched up surgery job that left her right arm a great deal compromised.  She has radial articulation.  Her arm is fused up at the elbow area.  Very limited range of motion.  Her thumbs are also in  flexed position.  Doc can't do anything about that b/c it is late.  Alyona will go back in a year for a re-check.  Since she has metal plates in her arm, they need to keep an eye on them & make sure bone does not grow over them.  All in all, good news on the medical front this week which is a huge relief.  Just have to sort out when Bojan's next surgery is b/c he'll be in a cast all the way up to his hip.  Yuck.  Working on that next. 

Lots of other things have been happening at Chaos Manor but the events of last week overshadowed it.  That makes me sad b/c some of them should have been more highlighted.  Like Alex getting a 100% on a math test for the first time.  Or Yana getting a 95% on the social studies test.  Or Nik getting a 100% on spelling AND learning how to read!  Yes, you heard all those things right & more on the reading later. 

We are now getting back into routine, flooded w/ tons more paperwork to make sure all this is cleared up for Bulgaria.  In regards to that, we are to be submitted any day.  YOur guess is as good as mine.  I'm hoping for today but not holding my breath.  We know how international adoption goes.  LOL.  We will be working on grants next.  And some fundraisers.  But, one thing at a time.  I just tied up a dress on a 3yo.  Same dress that Alyona wears.  Yep, she still has a ways to grow. 

From here on out, blog posts will be back to normal.  Pictures will be back too.  Don't know about you, but I love seeing the progress of the kids.  Both the good & the bad(guess that's the wrong choice of words.  Should say normal teen stuff.  LOL).  Especially, with teenagers growing up.  So, more pictures in the next few posts for sure.  Tomorrow I think we're taking the kids to the museum and then everyone to get new shoes.  Tax time is right around the corner & this is the time of year everyone gets new shoes for spring & summer, new pillows, new socks(don't know why I torture myself when we have a laundry basket full of unmatched socks), new brushes, etc.  It's something we do every year.  You know, kind of like checking the smoke detectors when the time changes.  Tax time is a time for us to replenish the basics rather than trying to remember who got what when.  I found myself buying WAY too many brushes for the girls & like 4 pillows for the boys throughout the year.  Got ridiculous.  This is just easier to track to do it once a year.  Well, unless they need it or something crazy happens.  Like their brother dropping the brush down the toilet or something like that.  It happens.  We compile a list of what's worn out, what may be needed, etc. and go get it. 

So many, many things to tell you all!  I will tell you in the next post.  Right now, one "little" is asleep & the other 3 girls are drawing cards for their moms & dads.  Very limited time to write on here.  We've been playing outside a good chunk of the day b/c it is just too beautiful not to.  I've been getting them into the habit of reading quite a bit lately & they love it so that's great.  2 are headed to kindergarten next year.  We're making bookworm bracelets in a minute.  Tried to convince them to make bookworms to eat so since too disgusted by the idea, we decided square rice krispie treats instead & no worm shapes.  The boy was for it but the girls were not.  Typical here.  Like I said, so, so much to tell you all.  So many plans & so much happening here.  Can't wait.  March is taking us to the zoo, museums, camping, church BBQ(signing up to help w/ it), & many more things as well.  Nice to get back into the swing of things.  My rug has been returned.   You know, from where it was yanked out from underneath me last week.  Never loose faith, stay strong.  Great things are yet to come even during those dark hours.  Took me a good knock down to realize that & get back up again.  So, life back to normal, things getting done, waiting on Bulgaria still happening, kids counting days down till summer(yes, already), Deaf Camp on the horizon, possible FAS camp & much, much more to share.  Hope this caught you up somewhat.  I think next post will have some random pictures in it.  thanks for being patient.  I can not tell you what all the support has meant to us during this trying time.  I wish I could share more but am unable at this time.  Prayers, thoughts, outpouring of support, outpouring of willingness to help, etc. was truly overwhelming.  Thanks once again & stay tuned for more of the "normal" stuff.  These wordy posts are just not me.  LOL. 

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  1. Prayers for your ongoing situation and healing; but comments for the "normal" because that's so important too, isn't it! Good job to the several kids who did some exceptional things in school recently!!! I'm with you on these "follow-up" specialists visits...our co-pay for these went up to $40. With three, soon 5, seeing multiple specialists we have to evaluate which appts are really important to keep. Prayers that all continues to move forward with the adoptions. Blessings, Jennifer