Monday, March 21, 2011

Brief update & prayers

Just to let you all know, tomorrow(Tuesday), is a big day.  I have a big IEP meeting for Alex.  I don't want it to be confrontational.  I really don't.  Just want what is right for Alex. 

The big thing that is happening tomorrow is my kids are being put through another interview.  I still am unable to really say for what.  Sorry.  Just know it is not a good thing for them.  This will be just as hard as before & my kids could really use prayers of encouragement.  The last time this was done to them on February 24th, it sent them into a PI tailspin.  It was beyond hard and they were traumatized for weeks.  I have finally been able to get them back to normal and laughing and playing again.  This may all change tomorrow....again.  I hope it doesn't.  I hope & pray my wishes are respected for the sake of my children.   Just wanted to share what was on my mind and how incredibly hard this is for me.  A parent is supposed to be able to protect their child at all times.  I feel helpless not being able to do so.  It is beyond my control.  I do have others helping me try to get others to understand the complexities of PI children and how something like this does indeed have a long term effect on them & can regress them. 

Pray for a resolution and truth.  That is what we need right now. More to come tomorrow afternoon.  Results of our IEP meeting and updates on how my kids were affected.  Thanks for all the support out there.  I have not had the chance to thank everyone individually yet.  Trust me, it means the world to us.  Enjoy your week. 


  1. praying! I so remember those IEP days. I don't miss them one bit! ;o) Homeschooling helps with that! :o) (((HUGS)))

  2. Been thinking about you. Hope things went well yesterday and you are able to give a post soon.