Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blast from the past!

While organizing folders & such, I came across a March 2006 picture file.  Thought it would be neat to share.  We had the 5 kids back then.  Just neat seeing how much they've grown.  See what you think.

This was Alex at one of Bojan's appointments.  We were waiting to get his casts off.  A goofy smile or somewhat of a smile.  Alex was 5 years old in this picture.  He really has grown.  I used to call him cotton top.

Their b-days are in January so must have been loaded in the camera late.   Warren & Bojan celebrating.  We were in the midst of a massive house remodel here.  See what I mean about the green walls never turning out?  Green carpet to boot!  

I had always loved this picture of Alex.  We got to do Equine therapy for a month.  I SO wished we could have afforded to do it long term.  However, it would have costs us $800 a month and since we don't get subsidies, CAPP, medicaid or anything else for that matter, we just couldn't do it.  He had fun though as did the other 4 kids and it really does help the kids learn calm.  

Years ago, Warren & I thought it would be good if I took the boys out for a night & he the girls. NEVER again did we do that!  LOL.  I took them to a Monster Truck Show.  Okay, you do NOT take FAS kids nor sensory integration kiddos to something like this.  This was the before part of the show.  They enjoyed this part.  We even got great seats as Bojan did look rather medically frail.  No, he wasn't but looked that way so they let us have balcony seating.  Wow!  Put the headphones on & earplugs and still they were terrified when the show started.  We didn't even last 5 minutes.  Loaded them up & ended up going out to dinner & met Warren & the girls there.  My kids are not real fans of crowds either.  Max goes into a bit of an autistic state and Alex gets nervous.  Bojan doesn't care.  Nik doesn't like it either.  Now you know why we keep big outings at a minimum.  But don't they look adorable here?? 

Just had to share a few I found.  Found one of my dining room table when it was new.  No scratches, no markers on it, no nail polish remover, no dog teeth marks, nothing.  Hope you enjoyed my little blast from the past. 

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