Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad, awful day

Trying to catch up on so many half started posts.  Not happening.  Especially, today.  Ever read the book 'Grover's Bad Awful Day?'  Well, that was MY day today.  Seriously, it was.  Not horrific but just care not to repeat it.  It started w/ Max missing the bus b/c he didn't get up.  My bloodwork came back normal which is now good and bad.  Explain later.  4 "littles" were here w/ some serious cabin fever as we haven't been able to leave the house in 2 days.  Rain & one has a broken arm.  So, limited on options.  Only so many movies, crafts, school work, and imaginative play you can do.  LOL.  2 puppies who escaped the fence...twice.  Irina comes home & tells me she has to be there at 5:30, not 6pm.  URGHH!!!  She also says she needs a ball.  Umm, no can do.  All lost in the woods.  Don't ask at this point.  Warren calls to say he's going to be late.  Fine.  Meet me at the school.  Irina gives me the schedule for the performance tonight.  tells me it's going to be longer than when she originally told me an hour.  Again...URGHH!!  ALL my kids have homework.  They get home at 4:15.  I'm rushing them along.  Making sure everyone has meds, etc.  Tell them to eat something, anything at this point as I was just now getting the turkey in the oven.  No time to peel potatoes, do that when we get home.  Go out in the pouring down rain.  Lovely.  Forgot my window has been down for 2 days!  yep, van is soaked on the drivers side so run in to get beach towels.  Get to the school and we load in to wait. 

At the school, waiting.  Waiting w/ hungry kids, tired kids and kids that should be doing homework instead.  I will try & skip the many little things that went wrong.  Trust me, there were plenty.  The media equipment kept feeding back and hurting Nik.  Now, Nik has limits on his processors. They are NOT supposed to allow but a certain amount of sound.  That is my easy lingo.  I don't know how to say what the audiologist say.  Anyhow, this went on & on.  Well, it did it one time and Nik screamed terrified and in big time PAIN!  Took him out in the hall.  He told me his ears "popped" inside.  Said his ears hurt. Now, he has an eardrum that is intact.  Don't think the device is fried at this point but something really happened that wasn't supposed to.  He obviously refused to put them back on which was fine w/ me.  He was scared too.  So, convinced him to sit on my lap.  We went to an ASL show that Irina was in.  Warren took him during intermission outside to try to fix the implant & trouble shoot outside in a quiet area.  Irina came out & wanted him to put the helmet in the car.  He did.  Between the entrance & the van, they lost Nik's glasses.  Yep, brand new glasses.  See where my day is headed now??  Went back in.  Sat through the rest of the performance though kids were not ready to sit still.  Keep in mind, Alex is zonked out every night at 7pm just due to the meds he's on.  It was NOT going well at this point w/ everyone ready to go and hungry.  Me included. 

Had to leave and drive home. Umm, I'm severely night blind.  No choice.  I made Warren go ahead in case I happen to not do so well.  Irina & Yana were my "side eyes."  We don't live far.  Remember, this would NOT have been a problem had Irina given me all the facts and right information.  Another FAS issue in this house often.  Though, I know a lot of other kids that do this too.  Tell the kids in teh car what they'll be doing when they get home.  Yana & Nik had potato peeling duty.  Irina, kitchen.  Me, side dishes & turkey.  Bojan & Alyona bath.  Etc,. etc.  Potatoes went a little crazy and I burned myself when the mixer was turned on.  Did the same thing again a few minutes later.  Dinner was just one thing after another.  Yana and Irina were not getting along & critiquing each other on every little thing.  Told everyone to just go to bed after dinner.  I mean shoot, it was 9:30 already.  Yana ended up ripping the implants off Nik's head & hurting his head.  Yes, she is now grounded too.  URGHH!!!  What was supposed to be a relaxing time out turned into just one bad thing after another w/ a downward spiral effect.  It's not over yet either.  Irina's alarm clock broke.  Alyona is complaining her throat hurts & feel she'll be staying home tomorrow.  WE'll see.  May be getting strep.  Her tonsils are swollen.  I need some sleep.  Going to try to go to bed at a decent hour.  More stuff happened but I promise you, you wouldn't even want to know the rest.  Our back door is leaking again.  Still need to call repairman back. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  I know it will be better.  In the grand scheme of things, this was not that bad.  Could have been much, much worse.  I know that.  I do.  But when you have everything seem to be happening at once & one "situation" hanging over your head & nothing resolved yet, it just feels like a bad, awful day.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Now, I can move forward, do some paperwork and prepare for what I hope will be a better day.  Hey, it's not going to rain tomorrow so I'm already happy!  Nik's implants are working and he's tolerating them fine.  However, he says his ears hurt.  Waiting till morning and also calling audiologist to see what happen to that so called safety.  Have a great evening and promise more interesting, not so whiny posts coming.  Though, I do think everyone deserves to whine at least one day out of the year.  Don't tell my husband or he'll disagree & say I definitely whine more than once.  LOL.  Good night!

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  1. Prayers for a better day today. It sounds like yesterday was NOT fun at all :( Blessings, Jennifer