Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Accidents, allergies & agony

Tried to think of something catchy but don't think it worked.  Oh well.  We have accidents happen in this home all the time.  Just due to the sheer #of people that are in & out of here on any given day.  So, thought I'd show you some. 

This is definitely an accident.  Irina dropped the entire vat of homemade coleslaw on the floor.  We had just bought it from the church.  Irina was running to get something to clean it up with.  

These kind of accidents happen a lot as well.  We tend to look up one day & see something in the trees.  This time it was a hola hoop.  Yes, it's still there.

Poor Alex has severe, severe allergies.  But, due to the meds he's on, he can not take allergy medicine.  Don't worry, it doesn't slow him down too much.  He muddles through it but the first two weeks are the worst of allergy season for him.  NC is one of the worst states for allergies.  

Agony...sort of.  Nik was trying to be funny.  Stuck his hand in ketchup & decide to pretend he was bleeding to death.  Umm, yeh.  Nice touch at the dinner table, don't you think??  We had fish this night for dinner & the kids LOVE fish.  Not so happy w/ the green beans as you can see.  Nik is one of our kids that also has a flair for the dramatic.  Sitting next to the other drama performer, does not help much at times.  LOL.  

More to come.  I have a bunch of posts started & stopped.  Been crazy busy but playing catch up.  Getting ready to go take Bojan to get stitches out & Nik to get a shot.  Oh yeh, fun evening for mom...NOT.  Bojan vomits when he gets stitches out...don't ask.  Nik screams bloody murder when he gets a shot.  I'm bringing back up this time as I'm sure one of us will have to help the doc.  BTW, our "situation" may be resolved this week so please, please keep those prayers coming.  We need this finished so we may get our travel dates again!  Ready to see my kiddos.  One of them has a birthday in a few days.  Have a great evening. 

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