Tuesday, March 29, 2011


That is the bill I just received.  Thankfully, I am one of the millions that has health insurance.  However, I personally think this is part of the major problem w/ the whole healthcare system.  Why in the world are we charging this much for a 12 year old boy to receive 5 stitches.  Yes, just five stitches!  It blows my mind.  BTW, it even states at the bottom of the bill I may be charged by 4 other different people.  What?!  How?!  We saw a nurse & the doc who stitched them up.  ARe they counting the security guard?  I'm not trying to be funny but I really think something needs to be said.  Thought I'd give a break down of the bill.

M/S supply general................$  94.00
M/S Supply sterile supply.......$  52.00
Emergency room general.......$1671.00
Drug spec. id detail coding....$  292.00
Pharmacy other....................$      4.00

It also shows the copay I made on the bill as well but I didn't put that up there.  He did have iv antibiotics though they could have given him the shot.  So just to sit in the room of the ER, it is over 1600 dollars.  Now, the same thing could have been done at our local urgent care facility.  We were torn w/ Bojan exactly where to go.  It is a judgment call you must make as a parent.  Plus, Bojan has had quite a few other surgeries & the gash was right where one of his previous surgeries' scar was.  Yet, had we gone to the other place, charges would have been significantly less.  Are we paying for the convenience?  Is that what it boils down to?  I remember having to go to  the ER one Mother's Day evening.  It was midnight, everything else was closed & I spilled boiling ramen noodles on my lap, burning my thigh.  I knew I needed the special burn cream you can only get by a script.  Only place open was the ER of course.  Hours upon hours later, I saw the doc, got the script & was on my way.  But why again was that thousands of dollars?  It just doesn't add up right.  And the amount of people that charge you is questionable.  I do understand it should indeed cost more for this service.  In my opinion though, it shouldn't cost this much more.  I do believe if things were reasonable, more folks would be able to afford to pay. 

With 7 kids w/ needs, and no supplements or aid received by any source whatsoever, I really do pay  attention to the bills.  Especially, since our premiums just went up in January as did our copays.  One year I called my insurance company for dental & told them I think the dentist I was using at the time was committing insurance fraud.  I said I am OUT of the whole thing, just wanted you to be aware.  For 2 cleanings & x-rays, they were charging our dental insurance company $700.  They knew they'd pay it. I said that was wrong.  Keep in mind, this was over 10 years ago.  That's when we switched dentists.  I used to go to Eye care Associates  and they were charging around $150 for the eye exam.  our insurance would not pay that much.  I went to Walmart for the IDENTICAL exam for $70.  Awesome doctor there too.  We've been going there ever since. I just think some places are taking advantage of insurance companies.  It's wrong in my opinion.  And I know my opinion isn't worth squat.  But I'm very cost conscience b/c I have to be.  Just think places should really think of the costs before charging stuff.  If we're getting surgery, we should be allowed to bring our own tylenol for a few bucks a bottle versus the $15 a pill they charge.  LOL.  Okay, that's my soapbox for the day.  Great news is the hospital is excellent.  Just the bills seem unbalanced to me for 5 stitches.  Anyone else have outrageous or what they think are outrageous hospital bills? 

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  1. The ER room covers the cost of the nurses and techs. With more and more people with no insurance and using the ER as a clinic it is going to raise all of our bills just to staff it. Now the mark up on dressing and drugs is horrible. They can charge nearly $5 for kleenex and it is generic! I'll get off by soap box now.