Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You didn't miss it!!!!

In case you are wondering why I didn't put up a fundraising total of towels sold this evening, it is b/c you my friends have another chance to order!  That's right folks, another chance to get one of this great hooded towels:

I'm telling you the quality & time that is put into these is incredible.  And let's not forget, it is helping to rescue, not one, not two, but THREE orphans!  What could be better than getting a gift & giving one at the same time?  Not much.  These are great for boys and girls.  Different styles, colors, to choose from.  The ideas for gifts are absolutely endless.  Easter is coming up.  Birthdays are coming up.  Summer is coming.  Just because reasons are always there.  Graduating kindergarten is coming up.  Little surprises are coming up.  You just never know.  Buy for your kids, your grandkids, friends' kids, too many choices of who you could purchase for and why.  I can't stress enough the need we have to sell these towels to help bring our precious little ones home. 

I can just see my kids wearing these at the beach this summer.  Or at the pool.  What fun to have an octopus on your towel during the summer.  With all this snow in most of the country, why not cheer up with some great summer towels in great colors.  Brighten a kid's day.  These are just such cheery towels, you can't help but to smile when you give or get one!  Please help me spread the word.  We have been given till next Monday, February 7th to sell.  That is less than a week a way.  I KNOW we can do this!  We have only sold 10 thus far.  I'd love to get to at least 50.  That seems impossible right now but I know it's not. 

For all the details, please go towel fundraiser .  It's very simple to do.  thanks so much for your support & please help spread the word as far & as fast as you can!  Thanks so much.

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