Wednesday, February 9, 2011


OMG!  We actually got it.  After 5 L-O-N-G months, we finally have I-800A approval.  Wrote immigration today w/ an immediate response that approval had been done February 4th & went out via USPS.  So, we should have it today or tomorrow.  Off for apostilling and then, and goes to Bulgaria.  That's right folks, travel is imminent!  I can hardly contain myself.  I know we are a ways a way still but this means things are really beginning to move & will undoubtedly move at lightening speed.  Happens w/ every adoption we've done thus far.  You get used to the wait & then wham!  You leave.   After this is received in Bulgaria, a date will be forthcoming.  Agency said expect a date anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks after they receive the approval form in country.  Umm, yikes! 

We have to get super busy now.  Need more funds.  Need to find a sitter once dates are in.  Need to arrange Bojan's surgery for a time that we'll actually be home.  LOL.  Puppy appointments, etc.  Obviously, nothing can be done until we get a date.  Just knowing it's getting close though, gives me a little more to work with. 

Can you tell I'm smiling through this email??  I have SO, SO much more to say.  SO much has happened these last few days around Chaos Manor.   I know at this point, it is even impossible to catch up w/ all of it.  I'll give it a shot.  But hey, I have some bigger fish to fry.  LOL.  Did I mention I have testimony to give at church this weekend and I have done not a thing to prepare.  Fortunately, it's on adoption and I know a little something about that.  I may just be too excited to speak.  Just think, we will be traveling most likely in a few weeks from now.  Okay, now I just terrified myself.  It's all happening. It's really, really happening.  I can't believe it though I know I need to.  You get used to the wait in adoption.  You think of other stuff as best you can.  But, it is always in the back of your mind:  "when's my turn?  When do I get to meet my kids?  Haven't I waited long enough?"  It all becomes a jumbled mess.  Then, one day, it all hits you.  It makes sense.  You're going. It's your turn soon.  It's all worth the wait and the heartache.  It truly is when you see your kids for the first time.  My teens,knowing what this means, were doing cheers today.  Yana was cheering " h-u-s-t-l-e. hustle, hustle."  It was an Upwards cheer.  Still, cute.  Why the heck am I on this computer?  Got to go.  Early release school day today.   have to take Irina to get her permit, Nik to get his glasses, 5 kids for a haircut, 1 open house, a chiropractor appointment, dinner, many phone calls to some specialists, etc. Lots to do.  I will have many more posts and pictures too.  Just had to share the approval.  Those in the adoption world know just how huge that is.  That was our LAST piece of paper!  Enjoy your day.  Mine is the best!


  1. Yeah!!!! So glad you received this great news today!!!! :)

  2. Yeah Glad you finally got it!


  3. So happy you finally have that last piece of paperwork! Hoping the ride will go smoothly from here.

  4. Stephanie... I am so happy to hear your good news!!!

  5. Great News...what a wonderful spring that will make!