Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting pups Wednesday

I know I used to do a waiting child Wednesday & will get back into that next week.  However, thought it was high time to give some attention to some local puppies, dogs & cats in much need of a loving home.  These are such cute animals.  I am totally in love with "Willow."  I really am.  I know we can't but boy, doesn't stop you from looking.  I'm sure he'll be swooped up this weekend at the adoption fairs.  Reminds me a lot of our Alaska.  He's a mix between an Austrailian Shepard & St. Bernard.  Cute is an understatement!  For locals, you must check them out.  Great organization & wonderful fostering they do.  We have brought home our two dogs from there & a friend of mine brought home her dog a few years ago from there.  Great people & obviously, we are very happy w/ our pups.  Here's the site:  Paw Prints .  Take a few minutes to look.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Those thinking about adopting a dog, now is a wonderful time.  We will have 3 new kids & 2 new puppies in the same year.  Though I would LOVE to take one more puppy in, we are full.  So, passing on the information to others who may be missing that little guy or gal running around and loving them.  Thanks.

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