Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's been a very busy week.  So, I unfortunately haven't been paying as much attention as I should.  I will try my best to remember some things.  Here goes.

Irina-- Irina has been very conscientious everyday about Warren having coffee ready when he gets home.  She knows he's exhausted and just wants to do something special for him.  Very thoughtful.  Also, she knew Yana was unable to try out for track due to age regulations.  So, she said maybe you can do something else.  Yana decided to try being a manager of the team.

Max-- Max has really been thinking of all the kids I watch lately.  He thought they needed more equipment in the yard.  So, he decided to build them a see-saw.  It really did turn out awesome.  Old & young love it.  I still think it's hilarious everyone who comes over wants to try it out.  From teens on down.  LOL.  That was a thoughtful act indeed.

Yana-- Okay, this one was a shocker!  I turned around and Yana was hugging, yes hugging, Alyona.  She was showing empathy & actually caring about the sister she supposedly hates.  Ha!  I knew there was a sweet soul underneath that exterior.  Very thoughtful that she was making her sister feel better & feel loved.  I still am amazed at that one.  Those with kids who have RAD know this one is a biggie.  Also, Yana had a huge heart when she knew Irina had failed her driving permit test for the 3rd time in a row.  Yana was trying to make Irina feel better. 

Bojan-- Bojan has seen that I have been really busy lately.  On several occasions he's asked if there is anything he can help me with.  Very thoughtful of him.

Alyona-- She has been making sure the needs of the "littles" is met when she gets home.  Asking them if they want to play or if they want anything to eat.  She is just really thinking of their needs & want they might like.  Thoughtful of her & nice to see the change in her.

Alex-- Alex knows Alyona can't read but that she desperately wants to.  So, he's been helping her here & there.  Though he struggles too, it's great to see him want to help his sister with the basics of reading.  It's also nice to see the encouragement he is showing her.  I know he'll go right around & do something mean to her like let her slam down on the see-saw as he jumped off it.  But still nice to see him encourage her while reading & be patient.

Nik-- I forget what it was, but earlier in the week, Alyona spilled something all over the floor.  Nik ran over to help her clean it all up.  Normally, he'd walk away.  Thoughtful of him to think to help her.

I know those were all of their thoughtful moments this week.  it was just really hard thinking of them all when I had so much else happening around me.  Someone is repairing our back door that is completed rotted out.  They'll be done w/ it tomorrow.  Our house is needing some repairs.  Just timing is not good when it's at the same time as an adoption.  It will all work out in the end.  Lots going on this week & next.  First week of March is filled w/ doctor appointments.  Many, many appointments.  Alyona may actually get into the CP/ Spina Bifida clinic.  Even though she has neither, she has so many developmental & neurological challenges that they thought it would be a good idea for her to go.  I was SO thankful.  It's at Duke.  She's also going to Duke for ortho.  Seeing if they can do anything for the botched surgery job she had done years ago.  We'll see.  Got so much to say but not enough hours in the day.  Trying to do all kinds of things to get organized & stay on top of things since I know a travel date may be coming VERY shortly.  More to come.  Chicken is done & need to go make some side dishes with it.  Pictures to come on a few things for sure.  And, a kid update soon.  Have a great evening.

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