Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm actually not going to do a post on the kids this week.  I thought it was time to think of Warren for a change.  He does so many little thoughtful things and I know I don't thank him enough for it.  Stuff that brightens my day or week.  Like, simply letting me get a long shower in the morning while he watches the kids.  Trust me, it's nice not to be interrupted by kids or puppies.  Or every once in awhile brings me a sweet treat.  Yes, it may be just a candy bar to some people but to me, it means he's been thinking about me.  Though he doesn't do it much any more as  I told him not to.  Won't help me loose weight.  LOL.  Warren does a lot of little things that are so very sweet or thoughtful. 

With an adoption you sacrifice things so you can bring your kids home.  The little "extras" you used to do every once in awhile are no more as you try to save every penny to get the kids home.  We've done this with every single adoption.  Warren used to go to the coffee shop every Sunday morning & take one of the kids w/ him each time.  Some one on one time.  That got put on the back burner due to the adoption & due to closing of the coffee shop.  Anyhow, wanted to tell you the other week we had to go grocery shopping.  Warren said pick out some flowers.  They were 3 bundles for $10.  He used to buy flowers here & there for me.  Again, the adoption hits & you kind of stop the "extras."  It's alright as we know it's better in the long run.  So, he helped me pick out flowers to take home.  Very thoughtful.

This is what it turned out to be.  Beautiful, isn't it?  

Nothing brightens a day to me like a colorful yellow daisy.  Nice green center so you know it will last long.  Just says spring to me and friendship.  

Look at those red astromyrial lillies!  Just love really.  Warren actually suggested the red ones.  Great choice.  And Warren will tell you, after working years in a florist shop & doing Valentine's Day & Mother's Day for several years, I could care less if I ever saw another rose.  I like arrangements that have variety.

Look at that mum!  Peaceful.  I had a bouquet w/ a combination of peace, friendship and love.  Who could ask for more?  So, had to do a post on my thoughtful husband.  Yesterday he was not feeling so well but today seems back to normal.  

I do indeed have a very thoughtful husband who cares not only about me, our kids but also others.  Anyone needs a helping hand,he's always there.  Always.  I think that says a lot about him.  I know this Valentine's Day, our hearts are thinking more about our Bulgarian adoptions.  I know we've had great years together & have many more to come.  Just nice to know you have a husband that does little things to say he cares.  That's why he is my thoughtful Thursday post.  Though I must say the kids had some great moments this week as well. 

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