Friday, February 4, 2011

The sound of my son

It is different having a deaf child.  It really is.  For us now, it is normal.  Nothing phases us.  In the beginning though, I have to be honest & say it was tough.  It was tough with no communication.  Tough not hearing words from your child.  Not knowing his thoughts.  Not knowing what was wrong when he was crying.  Now we can ask him those questions and get an answer.  Well, except for the other night.  He starts screaming bloody murder in bed.  I'm looking to see if he's stuck, Alex & I are trying to figure it out.  Trying to get Nik to look at me & I'm signing what hurts, what happened, etc.  Then it hit to be foot asleep or charlie horse.  Sure enough, leg asleep.  Still, that is something if I asked one of my kids they would have answered right away.  Didn't help that Nik was half asleep.  Now though, things are different for the most part. 

We do use sign when we can.  What little we know.  Remember, we never asked to adopt a deaf son. We never wanted one who was deaf...or so we thought.  Funny how things seem to work out the way they are supposed to, isn't it?  I honest to goodness can not imagine my life without Nik.  I really can't.  For all those who used to have major concerns regarding Nik, I can say now, I have none.  Well, maybe typical teenager concerns later but as far as how Nik will do in life, not a single bit of concern.  He will do just fine.  A child who was sad, scared, misunderstood, lifeless, etc. is now thriving.  A family did that for him.  A family mixed with a little love.  Okay, so maybe a lot of love & a bit too much spoiling.  LOL.  Nik's life is different now. 

Reason I'm writing this is b/c Wednesday was a real turning point for me.  I was sitting here at the computer when Nik came upstairs, books in hand w/ reading log.  Hands me the books, looks at me and says w/ his voice "READ BOOK."  Did you hear that?!  READ BOOK!  It was clear as day.  Out of the blue.  I smiled back and said go downstairs and we'll read a book together.  He went right downstairs.  No signing needed.  Nik can also say "good job," one more," "I got it," "no," and a few other phrases.  He told his speech therapist the other day to watch.  Yep, said the word watch clear as day too.  I can not tell you what this means to me.  I am so proud of him.  He tries so hard in speech therapy.  Will he ever talk like you or I?  Most likely not.  But it looks like he will more than likely understand a lot of what we say and that means so much to me.  To hear Nik talking is just awesome. I used to sit sometimes and wonder what the sound of his voice would be.  I can tell you now, it is a very sweet sound.  I could listen to him talk all day long.  I really can't express into words what it means that Nik is talking a bit.  Just means the world to me.  Love it.  I just had to share that moment. 

Nik also received Student of the Month for January.  It was for compassion.  I found out about it by reading the paper.  I don't think a single child of mine has told me about their student of the month awards ever.  I always find out later.  Glad I read the local paper that day.  I have no fears my son is going far in life.  No fears whatsoever.  Not a one.  Shoot, Nik is talking folks!  How incredible is that.  Words here and there.  Putting thoughts together.  Putting sounds together.  I am just in awe of my son.  That may sound corny but I really am in awe of my son.  I know some times he drives me absolutely nuts but honestly, I'd love 10 more like him.  (umm, no honey, that is NOT what I'm thinking.  LOL).  Seriously though, I'm so glad we took a chance on the one no one wanted.  The one headed to the mental institution that week.  I know too many other kids in that situation.  Please really consider some of them.  Who knows, you may just have a little Nik on your hands.  And from my experience, it is the best feeling in the world!  More later on my day. 


  1. What a moment that had to be! Hearing his voice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, that choked me up!! How sweet to hear his voice!! Thanks for sharing something so wonderful!

  3. Wow Stephanie!... you make me cry as usually!... I can imagine that Nik´s voice means a world!... I wonder if our 2nd child could be a little Nik in our arms. Now that we´re in the adoption list -and a deaf son was one of our request- it seems it´s not that easy here in Argentina... there is not an special list for special kids... Don´t know!... It´s hardered that we thought... well, that it´s for another post... While we wait our little Nik... We enjoy and become proud of YOUR little Nik achievements!!!... "good job" Mom!!!...
    Huge hug and lind regards from Argentina!... ;)