Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So, what have you been up to??

We've gotten that question a bit these last few days.  So, answering in pictures just because it's faster. 

Trying to get some of the "sickies" better.  Bojan & Alyona had the flu.  Then Alyona had strep.  Nik did not test positive for strep but they were treating it as such.  It really was in his lungs.  We've been giving him some of his neb treatments.  Nik has asthma and when he gets sick the lungs seem to react a bit more than usual.  He's back at school now but still sounds rough.  On antibiotics for ten days.  

We've also been fixing things around here.  Like body parts.  Warren fixing Bojan's brand new leg.  We're lucky he is handy.  He is always having to fix something of the kids w/ not so great tools. I hope one day I can get him some good tools.  Ones that Max hasn't destroyed.  LOL. Nik also dropped his implant tonight.  Broke it.  So, I need to call tomorrow and get it sent back.  It's just so time consuming at times.  Reason I'm not so happy about it is b/c Nik was just plain goofing off and that's why it happened.  Kids.

I've been getting the kids to do stuff early as I had this feeling I'd be busy next week.  Don't know why, but I just did.  Sure enough, I will be w/ adoption stuff.  Anyhow, had all my elementary kids do their Valentine's Day cards.  They're excited b/c this year they get to give trinket gifts to w/ it.  I caught a 90% off sale w/ a party store so stocked up.  They did them all & took them to school already.  Even had Alyona take her party juice boxes in.  Earlier this week, Nik had a 100 day school project to do.  He did it and the puppies tore it all up.  Had to start over.  URGHH!!!  Again, odd stuff like that has been happening here so the blog has definitely not been top priority.  Life happens.  This is Alyona doing her Valentine's Day cards.

Another thing we've been up to is cleaning.  Or, not so much.  Went to look for a lighter for the grill on top of the fridge and found a Christmas container.  Something shook in it.  No, it can't be anything edible.  has to be pencils or something we forgot about.  Umm, we forgot alright.  These are Christmas cookies!  Or should I say bricks.  And yes, some of my kids even wanted to eat them.  No, I didn't let them.  Guess cleaning on top of the fridge was not our priority these past few months.

We've also been up to getting some of our kids eye exams and new glasses.  This is Nik sporting his new glasses.  A much better prescription for him.  Now, maybe he'll wear them for a change.  Don't know what is w/ that half effort of a smile.  

Also, been up to getting the kids some desperately needed haircuts.  Great Clips opened a store here & had $4.99 hair cuts.  Not bad at all.  This is Yana modeling her new "do."  

Those are just a few little things we've been up to.  Lots going on here at Chaos Manor for sure.  Some good, some not so good.  But, all manageable.  More pictures tomorrow.  But, school is delayed 2 hours so that I'm sure will throw us all off. 

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