Thursday, February 24, 2011

Signs of Spring

Slowly, it is heating up here in NC.  We've had a few days in the 70's but staying mostly in the 50's & 60's.  Chilly.  Okay, I know some of you in the negative degree range are laughing at that statement but when you are used to many months out of the year when it is high 90's & 100's w/ 100% humidity, you would say it too.  Despite my desire to really want to plant things, I must wait to make sure the last frost has past.  Should be soon but not taking chances.  However, I found a plant at Lowes the other day that is hardy in the low 30's as well.

Doesn't this just scream spring?!  It almost looks fake but those are indeed the real colors.  I wouldn't know how to doctor anything on photos as it is.  LOL.  This plant is filled w/ flowers waiting to bloom & should bloom all spring until I get my hibiscus or geraniums in there.  

Terrible shot I know but gives you an idea of what it looks like.  Just very spring like & I love it.  I can hardly wait to plant my flowers this spring.  And the garden.  We've been prepping the yard & cleaning up so should be ready to go when the time comes.  

Another thing I've been doing lately is planting a few things in the house.  These are just chives but we love to snip them at the table to put on potatoes or chili.  Plus, makes a nice little decoration.  Easy to grow & grow fast & keep growing after they are cut.  Cheap garnish.  

Another sign of spring is little pots filled with flowers.  There are 4 pots here.  Mini pots.  One for each of the "littles" to watch grow.  We've been talking about flowers & such & this is great for them to learn.  There will be daisies, marigolds, sunflowers, & forget me nots.  Should be beautiful.  I also planted some peppers, parsley, and basil indoors to start.  I'll obviously move the peppers outdoors in a few weeks.  Herbs will be inside.  This dining room is more like a sunroom area.  Easy to grow which makes it nice.  

More signs of spring are more kids outside enjoying everything.  Alyona is attmepting a handstand.  Since her botched surgery job, she can't put her hand out flat so she curls it up to do these.  Trampoline is still one of the best investments we made for these kids.  Activity is so, so important with FAS kids.  Really is & does make a difference.  One of the "littles" will be attempting this shortly.  

Another sign of spring is a little girl in a cute outfit.  Or, at least I think it's cute.  She wore it to school last year w/ NO issues.  This year, she got in trouble last week for wearing it.  Apparently, instead of 3 finger rule for straps, now it is a four finger rule.  URGHH!!!  She doesn't have a pile of clothes & I don't have funds to buy more for her just b/c the school is being ridiculous.  I really wouldn't send my elementary kids in something inappropriate.  And let's face it, NC is HOT towards end of school year.  The less clothing on them, the better.  Especially some of my kids that have temperature regulating issues.  I haven't even talked to the school about this yet as I'm still too mad.  I know rules are there but if you wore it last year & now this year it's banned?  Makes no sense.  So, do you think it's inappropriate b/c of the straps??  Just curious.

I know I really never have pictures of the "littles" on here but couldn't resist just this once.  This is definitely a sure sign of spring!  We all decided to eat outside for lunch.  Found the picnic table at a yardsale last year for $5.  Think we got our use out of it.  It was the perfect sunny day for a picnic & learning about growing flowers in the sunshine.  After this, they took to the playground.  Another sign of spring.  
There are more signs of spring around here but those were a few above.  Just got Nik's processor back (it broke) and they programmed it wrong...URGHH!  Just means a trip to Chapel Hill for Warren which stinks, especially, with the price of gas.  Tomorrow is Friday.  can't wait.  Need to get going as I'm filling out a grant application.  Long one.  More on the adoption costs & what's happening in an upcoming post.


  1. You are so not right.... we are getting a 3 day snow storm!! Grrrr....

  2. I don't think that outfit is too racy...she is definitely fully covered and it doesn't look like she could move in any way that she would be uncovered (unless she did that trampoline handstand manuever in class!)
    So, yes, they are being too picky, imo.