Thursday, February 3, 2011

A redneck pirate ship

Our yard isn't stereotypical looking redneck as it is so my kids decided to do that to the playground.  How?  Well, it starts like this:

As if the dead garden and wire fencing wasn't enough of an eye sore, kids emptied a tub out that we use to store toys so they can make a "barrel" they told me.  Why?
To pull someone up onto the ship of course.  Don't you just love the half painted patio umbrella?  Adds a nice touch, don't you think.  Apparently, that was their "sail."  

this is the way they came up with to get on this "pirate ship."  Oh, I can't see anything happening with this idea, can you?

Oh yeh, this looks like an awesome idea kids.  Poor kid looks like she's a corpse.  Glad we don't live in one of those subdivisions where the houses touch the neighbors practically.  Otherwise, they would really wonder what's going on.  I know you can't tell but Nik is sporting this wicked laugh as he thinks Alyona is going to fall out on her head.

Alyona finally arrives "on" the ship yet looks terrified to be there.  LOL.  Max has his hand on his mouth, casually looking at the situation.  Notice no one but Yana is pulling her up right now?  It did end well.  She actually was pulled to safety.  Originally, they wanted to use the puppies for this little trick.  They didn't.  Thank goodness as they would have jumped.  Before this, they had lifted Nik & Bojan up.  Had no idea as I was inside cleaning up.  

This is some of the crew.  They brought up a picnic table to eat at.  Notice the ore in the corner?  Yep, that was to paddle the ship.  I think Max was more there for the spectacle of it all.  They don't have it up yet but they even put a gargoyle looking thing up on the top beam.  Yep, my kids loved their redneck pirate ship that day.  I think it shows imagination. 

Ahh, found a picture w/ the gargoyle mask they hung up to decorate said pirate ship.  Lovely, huh?  Nik is trying make the basket into a pulley system in the background.  Kota is checking out the ship as well.  

They had a good time that day.  All ages, all playing together.  

Well, Alex didn't really want to play on the ship so he just hung out on his own.  this kid lives to play ball.  LOVES it.  And, is an excellent player.  I'm not just saying that either.  This kid is extremely athletically inclined.  

It has been a long week.  A really long week.  So, so much happening and I will get to play catch up.  Right now though, my focus has to be on fundraising and also on getting that USCIS letter.  No, not here.  Causing me some much un-needed stress.  Just really ready to go and work on other things.  Please, please continue to help spread the word on the fantastic fundraiser.  Time is drawing to an end.  I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow & we still have not sold another towel.  I really want to have a last ditch drive of orders.  I KNOW we can do this.  Any more ideas on spreading the word, please do let me know.  Thanks so much & more later but really have to work on quite a bit. 

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