Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy pics & an update

Thought it was time for some cuteness on this blog.  What better way then to show some puppy pictures.  So, here goes.

Having toddlers and puppies in the same house is sometimes just not a good idea.  I had no idea Alaska had eaten glitter.  Let's just say very sparkling poo.  

this entertained the pups for a good thirty minutes.  they are chasing a stink bug.  Not sure why the can of baked beans is on the floor but oh well.  The kids had a great time watching the pups go crazy over the bug.  

Don't we have the cutest puppies?  They are in their natural habitat...the kitchen.  Those dogs so much as hear a wrapper or can opening, they run at warp speed.  Alaska has learned to open the doors.  Hoping she doesn't learn how to open the fridge next.  LOL.

Alaska actually fell asleep this way.  I don't see how this can be comfortable.  She loves the papasan chair.  Trouble is, all the kids love this chair as well.  It's almost a race to see who gets there first.  Best $2 I ever spent at a yardsale.  

I know this shot shows how dirty the floor is but honestly, he was just so innocent sleeping there that I couldn't resist a picture.  

Yes, my pups think they are human.  Though Alaska prefers the papasan chair, she'll take the kids' recliner as a back up.  She also loves to sleep on the bed if we let her.  

Puppies are much better this week after surgery.  I will have a post.  I started a post on what happened at the vet.   Not good.  Thankfully, they are much better now and have returned to normal.  Kota actually shook hands when I asked him to today.  Alaska still hasn't done that trick on her own yet.  Once their legs have healed, I'll teach them to stand up and dance/beg.  I know Alaska will be able to do it.  The dog is part human, I swear.  She has also learned how to open doorknobs somewhat.  that one should get interesting for sure.  The other day she wanted out & brought me the leash.  Both dogs are getting much, much more protective of the house.  We love, love love the puppies.  Still miss our Teddy Bear but do love the new pups for sure.  Can't wait to experience more new tricks with the puppies.  Kota and Alaska definitely enjoy playing with the kids and vice versa.  Have a great weekend.

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