Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pliers and an 8 yo boy-- what could happen???

Do you have any clue what could happen?  Which child are we talking about?

He just finished getting a bath.  What could he possibly be crying about?  Warren is talking to him & Nik is falling apart.  We just  asked him if he wanted to hear.  He said yes & started bawling.  And here's why:

You're seeing that correctly.  That is Nik's implant w/ the coil cut.  Tool of choice is the pliers right next to it.  URGHH!!!  This would NOT be covered under warranty of course.  This is out of our own pocket.  I new coil piece is either $175 or $275.  Can't remember which one.  Definitely not what we needed today.  Told him tomorrow he has to come home after school & clean up the yard for this stunt he pulled.  Really, I thought we were past having to stand in the bathroom with him.  Apparently not.  

this is Nik after the discussion.  Why so happy now?  Because he just found out we have a spare coil.  He is still going to have to do punishment chores for this stunt though.  And I have lots of leaves that need raking.  

This was my evening.  That and all the bickering back & forth.  You can always tell w/ my FASers if there is a full moon. It is the strangest thing but has proven true every single time.  Not sure if others w/ FAS have this reaction but mine do. They are just off kilter a bit.  Normally, I wouldn't have caught those shots above.  However, I happened to be on the couch looking at the pictures stored in the camera when all this started to unfold.  Figured why not shoot it & show it to him later.  He now wants to see it over & over.  Kids.  Got many things to share & think I'll do a brief kid update soon.  Lots and lots happening here.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 78F and sunny.  Can't beat it.  May take the "littles" to the park.  I've only had half the "littles" this week & the others are home sick all week.  Been so quiet.  And this morning, I only had one.  She even said "it's too quiet in here."  Hasn't been ever since. 


  1. My kiddo is autisticish and cochlear implant.. and i just realized why he's running around like CRAZY..the full moon. the added 'other' does add something doesn't it..and then the full moon. (There is real science behind that btw.) found you on DV. i'm a fellow DV'er. Nice blog!

  2. Yeah, we don't have an implant... but I'm pretty sure if he could find a coil to cut, he would. Can't leave these guys alone for a SECOND. I didn't get a photo, but the last time I left him alone after drying him off from the shower he was sticking a Q-Tip in his ear... and then let go to look at me and it was shoved like halfway in. Feel like I'll be baby-proofing FOREVER!