Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Places to go

Well, the weather here in NC is just gorgeous.  Windows are open today even though a bit cool outside.  Sun shining too.  It will be almost 80F on Friday!  Great weekend.  However, Warren has an outage weekend and has to work.  We are hoping he can get it down in the morning and maybe we can escape for an afternoon hike in a local state forest.  We'll see.  Otherwise, we'll be working on the house all weekend.  Need to anyhow.  But, escaping for about 2 or 3 hours to go on an outdoor nature walk would be wonderful to me.  Something about the sun shining down on you as you walk through the forest. 

Next weekend, if it's just as gorgeous, we will go to the zoo.  We have a great zoo in Asheboro, NC.  Would love, love to feed the giraffes.  Not sure how much that option costs but I'm going to check into it.  They have really neat exhibits and we love seeing all the different animals.  I like the polar bears and the butterfly house.  Just such beautiful colors flying all around you.  We always walk the zoo & ride back to the car.  (free shuttles).  We bring a picnic lunch to eat.  Always turns out to be an enjoyable day. 

Weekend after that, we'll go to a local museum I think.  We have many free ones here.  We are just very ready to get out and explore more and travel some.  We have a zoo pass so that won't cost us anything but gas.  The downtown museums are free as is the state park.  Try to make sure costs are kept down while still enjoying things.  Not hard to do as we have a lot to do around here.  That pretty much takes care of February.  March most likely brings travel for us to Bulgaria.  So the rest of the weekends will be to prep the kids & keep them calm.  So, not much in March.  April we will go camping one weekend.  There is also an air show close by.  We're surrounded by quite a few military bases.  So, any locals you might want to check out the air show in April.  Also, it's Easter as well.  In addition, we have Special Olympics for Alyona and I may help that same evening w/ Relay for Life.  Don't know yet on the time frame for all that.  The kids will also be visiting their grandparents (Warren's) a few days at a time.  A couple kids at a time.  My mother in-law is an artist and she teaches the kids wonderful art stuff.  Plus, sometimes they go to the local beach or fishing. Boys love fishing.  In May, I know we're going to Deaf Camp in the mountains.  We also have more plans in the works.  Most of what we'll be doing has to be free or very low costs.  That's a given since we are in the midst of 3 adoptions.  But, just b/c you're doing adoptions, doesn't mean you can't have fun for low costs or free.  And, at the same time, give your children some memories and life experiences. 

Since the weather is turning around & illness seems to be gone, we really want to enjoy a few things with the kids.  Can't wait to share the experience with all my children together.  Just wanted to give you an idea of some of the places we'll be going to over the next few months.  I'm sure we'll go to the movies some too.  We have a great "cheap seats" theater here.  Lots to do & experience and we plan on doing quite a bit.  We also have an Orenburg reunion in June that we're going to.  No hotels needed since it's being hosted about an hour and a half away.  Beach is close as well so plan on going there this summer at least once.  Warren really hates the beach.  Oh well.  Once will not kill him.  LOL. 

Once all the kids are home, we really want to travel with the 10 of them.  I mean really travel, really explore this country we live in.  We're making them make lists of where they'd like to go to.  We don't mind camping so that is most likely how we'll go to places a little further away.  D.C. is not that far and we've visited there the last two years.  You learn something new each time.  Can't wait to see where everyone wants to go and try to make plans to see some of the sites.  For now, we have to enjoy the sites close by. 

Got to go.  we have an FAS Support group meeting this evening.  I do like getting together with others who have similar experiences with their children.  Nice to bounce ideas off each other.  Enjoy your week.  Ours is 100% better than last week.  Amazing what a little time can do.  Pictures to come soon. 


  1. You can come to the Midwest! :) And you could camp in our back yard! :) Um...I am sure I could find some very cheap/free things for us to do! Hope you have a great weekend...we are enjoying close to 40 degrees, but then back down to 20 this weekend. So we'll see! :)

  2. Please keep posting when you run across cheap/free things!! I always love getting new ideas!! If you know of other family-type of camps that are specific to families with varying special needs or adoptive families that are reasonable, please post....I would love, love for our family to be able to do something like that this summer!! :)