Saturday, February 5, 2011

Only two days left!!!!

Only two days left!  need to hurry to place an order for one of the fabulously cute towels we have to offer.  These are unique and so creative.  Just take a look at them and tell me they don't make you smile:


Those are just two of the many, many examples we have for sale.  Towels are just $25!  Not only are you getting a great gift, a great product, but you are also helping 3 orphans be united with their forever family.  By purchasing a towel, you will be instrumental in helping rescue 3 orphans.  Saving three lives.  Truly a great deal all around.  

These are great for your kids, neighbors' kids, friends' kids, & let's not forget the grandkids!  Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, just because gifts, Easter gifts(SOON), summer gifts, kindergarten graduations, & too many others just to name.  We are super short our goal.  To date, we've only sold 10 towels.  I know we can do so much more folks.  I know we can.  PLease help make this a big push to the finish.  It ends Monday evening.  We MUST sell more.  There is more information on this post:  towel fundraiser .  

Thank you all for your continued support.  We should have that magic piece of paper in our hands any day now.  Just don't want finances being the only hold up now.  I've seen many of you post on Facebook for us and your blogs.  I can not say thank you enough.  Have a wonderful weekend and please help spread the word about these terrific towels available. 

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