Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nik's drawings-- he loves me!

I know you are used to seeing some pretty horrific & graphic details of Nik's semi- Stephen King's little mind, but thought I'd share that every once in awhile, he'll surprise you.

See what Nik wrote?  I love mom.  Then, he circled his name.  He may have just been playing kiss up but still, I fell for it.  See, his name is up there w/ one tally mark.  he gets to 3, he's not going to a birthday party this Saturday.  Someone else wrote Alex on there.  He was so distraught at the tally mark & thought of not going to the party that he has shaped right up.  So, though this was a kiss up attempt, I still thought it was cute.  

I mean, could you ever be mad at this face??  Nik is really growing in many ways.  I love watching his growth and progress.  He said the word watch clear as day yesterday.  It's the little things that make you smile.  

Much to do this week for sure.  Nik is at the audiologist this morning.  I'm taking the 4 "littles" to the bounce house.  And, since weatherman appears to be wrong, we'll probably play outside later too.  Tomorrow is a big day.  The opthalmologist.  Can't say I'm not nervous.  Alyona can't really read letters in front of her yesterday.  She tried to read her grades to me yesterday and couldn't.  Again, ONH is NOT supposed to be progressive.  Not sure what is going on w/ her.  We'll find out soon though & address it.  They are already using larger print at school for everything for her as she can't see the board any more nor the regular sheets given to her at the desk.  let you all know tomorrow.  Nik goes too but not really concerned about his vision.  I actually think it is better than what they think.  Got to go.  More later.

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