Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nik's drawings and quick Nik update

Today is Sunday.  Didn't get to church today as Nik has a fever.  I do hope he's not getting the flu.  Hoping it is a quick virus.  He's at 103.5 right now.  Just gave him Tylenol & keeping him hydrated.  If not down in 20 minutes, I'll give motrin.  If that doesn't work, we may be in the ER this evening.  Like I said, wishing for a short-lived virus.  So, keep Nik in your thoughts and prayers this evening. 

Warren just took the girls to youth group.  Parents' meeting there this evening so he's staying there & I'm here w/ the kids.  At 5 we'll get ready for school tomorrow & all that stuff. 

Nik drew this.  I think he's taking after his brother in regards of artistic ability.  There are icicles on the house and all.  Camp fire in the tee-pee.  Though, that might be a bit dangerous.  LOL.  Nik said it is him w/ the snowman in the middle.  the gray stuff is snow.  They are also in the woods. 

Nik's vision is getting better which is wonderful.  He got new glasses and broke them.  We fixed them this week.  So, he can see again.  His implants are working but we have to return one to AB again.  The processor is not working.  Need to call them tomorrow.  He is listening much better.  So much so, enough that I can yell at him for being a jerk sometimes.  The other day he did something.  I was in the kitchen & I yelled "Nik Allen!"  He was in the dining room, out of view, and yells back "what?!"  So, his hearing is getting much better.  Speech is still pretty much only recognizable by family & speech therapist.  But, it is great progress for sure.  

Nik is growing like a weed too.  My baby boy is growing up for sure.  That is a great thing though to watch him transform.  Not much else happening with Nik.  He's on the couch right now pretty much not moving  a muscle.  We spent the day fixing some things around the house.  The gate so the puppies can't get out, the toilet paper holder (the kids break these things ALL the time), and light bulbs all installed.  Little things but things that have needed doing.  Bathrooms got scrubbed.  Carpets cleaned.  Etc.  Just little stuff.  Every once in awhile you need to just get the little things done around the house.  Eventually, they pile up to big things if not done in a timely manner.  Even Alaska got a bath.  She's gone from dingy brown fur back to white fur.  Need to go check on Nik.  Busy week this week. 

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